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    Affnaija: How to Earn N700 – N5,000 Daily With Your Facebook Account

    In a bid to provide my dear readers with more “legitimate online business“, I discovered Affnaija, an affiliate company that pays its user for performing simple tasks. All you need to do on Affnaija is to Create An Account, Choose A Plan, Share Product Links and get paid!   Affnaija provides you with a legitimate platform where you can earn between N100 – N5,000 every day by simply sharing product links on your Facebook account. In order to be considered, you need a Facebook account with at least 300 friends.   Affnaija is not a ponzi scheme, you get paid according to how you work and the plan you subscribed…

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    Internet Business Tips

    Magic Marketing and Getting Your Name Out There in Business!

    Photo credit   You might be a small business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impression. In order to thrive and get ahead of your competition this is exactly what you need to do, so work on ways you can boost business while having a positive effect on customers and clients.   Use The Right Software When you use the right software for your business, you get jobs done quickly and efficiently. It could be design software such as Altium Designer, it could be HR software, CRM software, presentation software or anything else that prevents you having to do time-consuming and tedious manual tasks.   Have a…

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