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    How to build a mobile e-commerce app?

    How to build a mobile e-commerce app?   Mobile e-commerce is exploding. Nowadays mobile shopping is on the rise since more and more people prefer online shopping. Furthermore, mobile apps were proven to be a forceful marketing tool helping any business evolve and expand. But still, not each business owner can spend a pretty penny to build a custom mobile app. And when it comes to e-commerce, having a mobile app is definitely worth investing.   Mobile e-commerce sales in the United States from 2013 Source: Statista Since the modern generation is not only comfortable with paying online but with mobile as well. State-of-the-art mobile technologies and smoother interfaces have…

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    Efficiency Hacks That Will Transform Your Business

    Image source – https://pixabay.com/p-2840792/?no_redirect   You may think your business is operating to the highest level of efficiency, but is it? Most companies will have room for efficiency improvements to be made! After all, with every day that passes by, there seems to be a new approach or form of technology that enables us to work smarter and quicker. With that in mind, read on to discover some efficiency hacks that could transform your business.     Drop shipping – If you are in the business of supplying people with products, then drop shipping is something you should certainly consider. You can read this drop shipping guide for an in-depth…

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    Brand Credibility: The Single Most Important Thing In Online Business?

    If you want to make your fortune online, there will be many steps that you have to follow. However, undoubtedly the most important thing you can do as you begin, and throughout the process is work on your credibility.   This is because it is all about how potential customers see you, and whether they think you are worth investing their money in what you are offering. With this in mind read on to find out how to be as credible as possible as an online business.   Be accessible   All too often online businesses can be faceless organizations that ask for money without the customer knowing anything about…

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    What kind of benefits do companies get by using data cleansing tools

    Every business wants to cut its cost and expenses and adjust its spending habits.  And because of these reasons, many companies are lacking their interest in acquiring an efficient software. If you are one of those few companies who indeed want to cut down their unnecessary expenses then it is important to consider data cleansing tools as an investment rather than an expense. Because an efficient and reliable data cleansing can indeed save your company a lot of money per annum.   One of the major issues that companies face is duplicate data which generates too much level of spending for the business. The main reason behind acquiring data cleansing…

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    3 Things Holding You Back From Making Money Blogging (And How To Overcome Them)

    Do you have a blog? Chances are you do. It may have been a blog you started to document your progress on a college project. It may be a movie review site you started when you were young and seemed to have all the time in the world.   It might even be something that you contribute to every now and then but you don’t really keep track of your stats, nor do you particularly care how many (if any) people read it; your blog is just a therapeutic way for you to reflect on your quotidian experiences and occasional insights. Most of the 152 million blogs out there fall…

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    Affnaija is Back – Introduces More Benefits!

    Affnaija is back! Over a week ago, the affnaija website had some glitches which forced them to go offline, almost every one who had invested in the business switched to panic mode. Most of its subscribers blew the situation out of proportion; while all these were happening I never had doubts.   I had a chat with the affnaija admin and he told me all issues would be resolved by Friday 12th January, 2018. Did they resolve it, OH yes they did and the business is up, running and paying again. If you still don’t know about the affnaija network, CLICK HERE TO READ A DETAILED BLOG POST   Here’s…

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    The Dangers of Burying Your Head in the Sand When it Comes to Money Worries

    Far too many people think that the answer to their problems is burying their heads in the sand when they face a problem. This is a massive problem when it comes to your financial problems because it can make your situation far worse than it is and than it needs to be.   We’re going to look at exactly what dangers you’ll face if you do try to deal with these big financial problems by ignoring them and burying your head in the sad. So read on to learn more.   Image Source   You’ll Miss the Help That’s Out There   If you’re not willing to confront your problems,…

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    Cash For Your Passion: Taking Your Blog To The Next Level

    Perhaps you’ve been blogging as a hobby for a while, and have started to be contacted by sponsors about paid work. This is always great, earning money doing something you love is the dream. However it does get you thinking of what you can do to increase these opportunities, and how you can potentially make a decent income from your blog. In order to do this, there are a few things you can do to take it to the next level. Here’s how you can go about it. linked from here Improve Your Domain Authority One of the things sponsors will be looking at when deciding if they want to…

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