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    How to Start a Small Construction Business

      Getting into the construction business and actually gaining a foothold is a daunting task. The sector is experiencing steady growth again, but there are a multitude of moving parts to grasp, from obtaining licenses and permits to purchasing major equipment and leasing office space. You should fear not, though. Others have already been there and done that. Thanks to them, we have a roadmap and surefire steps that bring you closer to success. So, here is how to build a soaring business from the ground up.    A game plan   A construction company business plan is the cornerstone of your endeavor. To flash it out, you need to…

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    Real Estate

    A Strategic Formula for Making 6-7 Figures Every Month From Real Estate With Almost Zero Percent Investment  

    When people hear about Real Estate investment, the first thing that comes to mind is ” I don’t have a huge capital to get started”. But of the truth, you can make money from Real Estate with almost zero percent capital.   There are basically three or more ways to make money from the booming Real Estate industry, while two of these ways involve investing monies upfront in properties, the third way which I would be discussing doesn’t require any upfront payment.   The first and most popular way of making money from real estate is to buy a piece of land, build a number of flats on it and…

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    Internet Business Tips

    How to Boost Your Office’s Productivity

      The place where you spend most of your time impacts your mood in the same way the place you work at has an impact on how you work. That implies that the design of the office space affects your ability to focus on your work task, stay focused throughout the day and your productivity in general.   But it is not all about rearranging office furniture according to Feng Shui – it is about intertwining simple updates to make your employees comfortable in the office and boost their productivity. Here are some simple adjustment tips that will help you motivate your workers.   Different spaces for different tasks It…

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    How to Make 6-7 Figures Every Month As a Repro10x Affiliate

    Okay guys, this post is about making money from repro10x. Incase you don’t know, Repro is a real estate company with a difference. First, they take you in as an affiliate for FREE and then they give you access to training material worth more than N100,000 value for FREE. There are hundreds of Real Estate companies in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole, but I haven’t seen anyone that provides the value that Repro10x does.    Repro10x is one I can recommend, why? They are different! Repro provides you with all the necessary training that will help you sell property and earn 15% direct commission or 5% indirect commission. And…

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    Helping Hands International

    How Technology is Changing the Future of Education

    We are living in the digital age and this has changed many aspects of the way we live our lives. It’s changed the way we socialise, the way we shop, how we find and source information, the way we date and form relationships and the nature of crimes committed in online spaces. One area that technology has had a huge impact on is the education space.   Devices Advances in technology now mean that most young people own a smartphone or tablet and are increasingly proficient at using these types of technologies. Now, these kinds of devices have a place in the classroom and can make a difference to transforming…

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    Helping Hands International

    The Best Strategy to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing In 2018

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies to monetize a web page. A strategy that allows you to earn a percentage for each sale made of the products that we refer and recommend to our readers.  It works as a channel, through which a certain brand that seeks to promote its products or services pays a previously agreed percentage to those who help them increase their sales, whether on a website, on a fanpage or on a blog.   A strategy that is very interesting for both parties, since, on the one hand the seller manages to increase the traffic of its website, expand its customer base and generate new sales. …

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    waawu academy

    Waawu Academy: How to Make N6,000 – N10,000 Every Day As An Affiliate

    Are you tired of all the “make money online” hypes flying all around the internet? If you want to do something that’s worthwhile and make a lot of money in the nearest future, then you need to sign up as an affiliate of Waawu Academy.   Before I furnish you with more information about the Waawu Academy, it’s important that you understand the concept of affiliate marketing and how it works. Basically, as an affiliate for any program, you get paid a certain percentage when you recommend people to use the program’s product or services.   For example, Waawu academy offers financial education as its products. The academy provides anyone…

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