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35 Reasons Why people Fail in MLM?

If you are involved in Network Marketing business or intend to get involved in the nearest future, then you need to read this article. This is a post from Vineet Gupta’s Blog and I decided to share so you learn a thing or two from it. Network Marketing is good business, if you understand the concepts and how to work the system, you will make it just like other successful leaders.


For your own good, read the article to the end. Want to join a Network Marketing business but don’t know where to start from, Click Here to Learn How to Get Started. Meanwhile keep reading and enjoy the post below.


It’s been half a decade for me into MLM business & I have seen people making all kind of excuses. They tell me different reasons why they are not able to Succeed in MLM business.

There are hardly half a dozen people who accept the fact that they didn’t succeed because they didn’t do what is required to succeed. Rest everyone has some or the other reason. Funny thing is sometimes such people themselves as me Why people fail in mlm ?


How to avoid MLM Failure

mlm network marketing failure

failure in network marketing mlm

Irrespective of whatever stage you are into, in you business as of now, it’s because of YOU. And if you wish to get better, you must be WILLING TO TAKE THE BLAME. If you cannot accept the fact that you have certain lacking within you which you need to work on & improve, you will remain where you are today!


There are tons of reasons why people fail in MLM business. In the following list probably you will find of the reason / excuses that even you have used sometime during your journey ? Accept it & improve ASAP, else unfortunately you may become one of the MLM Failure ?


Why People Fail in MLM Business? Some of the Major Mistakes people make in MLM

  1. Their REASON to do the business is not define!
  2. They don’t have GOAL S / DREAMS, they only have Wishes!
  3. They just wish their Desire gets accomplished; they don’t have BURNING DESIRE to SUCCEED!
  4. They procrastinate (delay) the important things like – Inviting prospects, Plan Shows, etc.!
  5. They don’t invest time & money in Learning!
  6. They don’t follow their successful Upline!
  7. They waste time with unproductive activities!
  8. They sound like salesmen to everyone; they don’t learn the right ways to do the business!
  9. They don’t master the very important art of Inviting Prospects!
  10. They don’t build relationship with Prospects!
  11. They are desperate to make people join!
  12. They don’t know how to generate leads for their business!
  13. They are not willing to take responsibility to accept their mistakes & learn from it.
  14. Some net-workers over complicate the things!
  15. They don’t have any commitment towards business, neither they take any action!
  16. Only concerned about their Income, they keep themselves first, their team second!
  17. They are not organized. No track of Prospects, Invited prospects, Follow ups, Teams, etc!
  18. They give up the business too soon!
  19. Gets demotivated when some prospect say something bad to them about the business!
  20. They focus more in what others are doing, rather than focusing on their own business!
  21. They don’t Follow Up with Prospects!
  22. They don’t work themselves; rather expect to reap the benefits of their downlines!
  23. They work when they feel like!
  24. They think their Uplines are earning because of their efforts!
  25. They talk bad about Company, Products, Plan, Upline support, etc.!
  26. They expect upline to build their Team, give them Spillovers!
  27. They don’t know how to make a sale! They don’t understand the prospects psychology!
  28. Their body language speaks that they themselves are not confident about the business!
  29. They always want Upline to come along to for Presentations, Follow Ups, Team Trainings!
  30. They have no plans how to Train their new team members!
  31. They don’t know how to show the business presentation!
  32. They are not willing to reinvest in the business!
  33. They talk without any statistics, facts & figures!
  34. They are not regular to weekly MLM Seminars & Big Events!
  35. They don’t realize the fact – Only & only they themselves can help them Succeed!


How to Succeed in Multilevel Marketing

So, now you want me to give you the way to by pass mlm failure? Simply don’t make the mistakes or blunders that are mentioned above!

Here’s my best success mantra that I use whenever I feel things are not giving well with the business – Check Vineet’s MLM Success Mantra!


100 Most Successful MLM people

By the way if you wish to check out the list of most successful mlm people who have achieved great heights in the business, you can check out the Hall of Fame List of Top 100 Network Marketers here.

These are the people who have not made the mistake which is commonly made by networkers, hence they made it to the list of most successful mlm people ?



There are too many reasons for mlm failure! As I have shared above in this article why people fail in mlm? I hope it helps you avoid some silly mistakes. Also I shared how to succeed in multi level marketing, so just implement what you have learnt!


If you are in Multi Level Marketing / Network Marketing business & still wondering how you can Succeed in the business, how you can make that big money which your uplines are making? Just ensure that you are doing what the top earners in your company have done.


Everyone goes through the tough time but it’s important not to make silly mistakes in your mlm business as listed above. I hope this article – Why people fail in MLM gives you enough insight & helps you avoid the mistakes people make in MLM.

Need some inspiration? Interview with Network Marketing Leader – Nicky Price from United Kingdom

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In case I missed some of the points do share it in the Comments below ?

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