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Are you in search of a broadly accessible platform for your startup? Or, you want to target a bigger user base without much of an investment for your startup?

According to research, there will be more 250 billion applications downloaded worldwide till 2022. With the assistance of mobile phones and tablets, more than one-third of the population is connected to the Internet. So, for a startup mobile application development service becomes a great potential to make the most of and capitalize on it!


For startups and small business, it is important to go for mobile application mode of business as it can help them with higher profits. Thinking how, take a look:

An application can be built with more interactive content than a website. Plus, the application loading speed is also way better when compared to a website. Overall they can connect with users far more better way with application getting the return percentage higher!


Yes, there may be more website visitors but a user spends more time on a mobile application which you can make use of! So, if you are thinking about getting a mobile application, then you must have a good idea first to back it up. Do not worry! We will help you with some, take a look:


#5 Business Directory

There are many who search for businesses who can help them with their respective service needs but are unable to find the respective company who can help them with their needs. So, as a startup, you can always consider going for business directory applications stating about the contact details of businesses on the respective domain. Yes, this type of application can help its users reach the right company as per their needs and requirements.


How will the application help users? 

  • This application will help users reach a number of names in the business who can help them with their service.
  • It will help them get direct contact details which will make the process quicker and they will get the job done quicker.
  • The application will be designed as per the specific service which users are looking for. It will have businesses who provide similar services. So, users will be able to avail the details about the company as per their specific needs without having to research much.


So, this application becomes a very useful platform to help users to search for companies providing the same services at one place. Yes, they will be able to save a lot of time and it will make their job a lot easier to get the task completed quickly. As a startup, you can earn through a commission from the company who is getting hired.


#4 Appointment Booking:

Well, everyone likes to have their schedule fixed and organized. For a startup, it can just do the trick as they get an application which can help their users with it big time. Going to the doctor and having to wait for an hour literally destroys the whole day for many. Same goes with the salon or beauty parlor. So, as a user, it will be beneficial to have an application which can help one get the booking done as per the time they are available.


How will the application help users? 

  • The users need to look for the salon or clinic as per their service needs in the application. After that, they can book the respective time slot as per their convenience.
  • This application will make things way more organized for businesses as they will not have queue any more with application doing the job of management for them.
  • It will also make it easier for users to have their needs covered without having to stand in a queue.
  • Whether the users need to schedule a doctor’s appointment or massage time, they can easily get it done with the help of the appointment booking application as per their availability.


So, as a startup, it’s a great idea to have an application which can connect with the users straight away.  The applications will its users save a lot of time. As a startup, you can bank on the commission you get with every booking from the respective partner and even branding their services can help you up to your revenue.


#3 Currency Converter:

Well, it is quite confusing whenever one is traveling to international locations and is looking, currency exchangers. So, as a startup, you can target this and help a number of users with an application which can assist them with currency conversion. Yes, getting the best rate becomes quite a daunting task for a number of users in the new country. So, this shows how important it is for one to get a currency converter application.


How will the application help users? 

  • It will play a very important role in helping tourists around the world in checking the exact rates while exchanging the currency.
  • One will be able to check with the currency rate and get it exchanged in the best rate possible.


If you are thinking about how your business is going to make money, then through sponsorship! The users will be able to set units of the currency and check the rates in real time. This can be done with ease and one will be able to make decisions more precisely. If one can get this designed with the help of iOS and Android app developers, this can turn out to be an amazing business idea for sure!


#2 Local Dating

Dating is something which needs to be looked upon by startups as it has an edge which can certainly bring in good returns. With the number of people growing exceptionally in social platforms, it shows how they are more attracted to unique platforms with which they can interact and take it to the next level. Going for a dating app which can assure user its security can benefit one exceptionally.


How will the application help users? 

  • It will allow people to look for profiles which can potentially become their partners for life.
  • The application will have an easy to search option where one can look for there to be partners as per their needs.
  • It will have a good theme with unique communication attributes which can keep the users engaged.
  • The users can be assured it will be completely secure and give them complete protection. You never know one can misuse the application and make others suffer, so the application will have a complete verification process which can guarantee that the users are good enough to get engaged.


So, developing this application can certainly bring in a lot more business. It can certainly become a smart way to get revenues up and bring in more profits through users engagement.


#1 Diet tracker:

There are many who are constantly searching for perfect diets so that they can be fit and remain in shape. Being rigid in the diet is quite challenging and one needs an assistant who can help them with their intake details. So, startups can have a diet nutrition application which can help users track about the food which they had on a particular date and also the calories related to it. This can help them control their diet with much more precision.


How will the application help users?  

  • Users will be able to track on which date which food was consumed and how many calories they need to work upon to get the desired result.
  • This will help them manage their diet with much more clarity and it can help them be in shape.


So, it is a great idea for a startup to consider because it can bring them a lot of users to engage in search activities all day long. You can also partner yourself with fitness experts and push your profits a lot higher!


Final Say:

Hopefully, you will like the app ideas which can certainly help your startup to get a boost start in the year 2019. Just get yourself the right professionals who can help you with an exceptionally designed application which can help your business succeed.


Author Bio

Nikunj Shingala is a CEO and co-founder at Webs Optimization Software Solution which is successfully delivering services in the realm of UI/UX design, web development, mobile app development, and enterprise solution. He’s enthusiastic blogger and his writing interest includes mobile and web development technologies, startup ideas and strategies.

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