5net – How to Make N100,000 – N300,000 Monthly From Consumerism Business

You see, the possibilities of making money from the internet is endless. You can earn up to 7 figure income every month from an online business, but in order to achieve this feat, you need someone to guide you through and that’s exactly what I intend to achieve.



It might be a little hard to believe me, owing to the fact that you probably don’t know me from Adam! I know it’s also likely you’ve been ripped off your hard earned money by the so called GURUS, done this and that…



Maybe even lost your money to some of the ponzi schemes on the internet. I understand that feeling but then the truth is this… Despite the fact that there are lots of fake programs online, there are still real programs that work!



I’ve had my own fair share of losses. In 2010, I paid N80,000 (Part of my house rent money) to one Abayomi Aje to help me flip websites; he guaranteed that I’d make up to 400k when he sold my websites. But guess what happened? He bailed with my money.



In the same year, one Ikechukwu Uzo also made away with my N30,000 claiming to help me make money from Google Adsense. He did me “Voom”, I got the Adsense account, I saw money in the account but the next day, the account had vanished!



But against all odds, I knew there are still legitimate ways to make money from the internet. I fought my way through… and here I’m right now! I can boldly tell you that making money online works. The good thing about internet business is that you are your own BOSS!



I mean I can wake up any day and take a trip to wherever I want to. I’m no longer restricted to the working hours of any organization. Below is the picture of a trip I (First on the left) recently took to “Pleasure Park” in Port Harcourt with my friends who also work on their own terms. And NO this is not an oil field hehehe.








It’s so freaking awesome being out of a 8-5 paid job, I don’t know how else I can describe the feeling but believe me, it’s a very good feeling. I remember when my supervisor brought my termination letter, I asked here… Why the letter?



She answered, you know that you  we don’t have money to pay you anymore, also you have not been very productive at work. In my mind, how the hell can I be productive when I wasn’t happy with the job.

I took the letter with a smile, I signed and returned every of the company property to her… She was stunned! My reaction was contrary to what she had expected. It was nice working with you Ma, I said!



She responded, “just like that” and I said YES Ma, just like that. It felt like a big log of wood had been taken off my head. I was FREEEEEE!!! But you know what gave me the mind? I was already building my internet business when it happened and so I had something to fall back on.



I don’t know where you are right now and where you intend to be. I don’t know how you are faring financially. I don’t know what your financial goals are for the last quarter of 2017, all I know is that I have a strategy that can help you make more money if you follow what I teach you.


With that being said… It’s time to get to our topic of discussion.


Did you know you can make a lot of money when you recharge your phone, pay for your DSTV bills, PHCN bills? Did you know you can also make money when other people make these purchases?



I bet you don’t know! Or maybe you have an idea but not sure how it works. I’m about to reveal to you how to make more money from consumerism business.  You’d also learn how to make money as a merchant on the 5net business platform.


Okay, so here’s what you are expected to learn in this Article:




1. How to Earn N200k – N500k Monthly On 5Net

5net is a consumerism focused business that can help you make earn between N200k- N500k monthly. By consumerism I mean that you get paid when you recharge your phone, pay your DSTV bills, PHCN bills and when you sell items on the 5net portal.



Surprisingly, 5net doesn’t just reward you alone when you make these purchases. You also get paid when the next 1000 people recharge their phones or pay bills through 5net. So can you imagine the possibility of the earnings?


See Screenshot Below:







As you can see, there are several earnings from purchases made by other people on the network. It might look small but it sums up to something big at the end of the month. That’s just one of our accounts and as you can see it has earned N209,300.


Need I explain more? hehehe I will!


But that’s not the only way to make money from 5net. You can make money as a merchant as well. 5net has provided to platform for everyone to sell their products and services. Oh yes, just like Jumia and Konga, you can sell your items on the 5net platform.


Don’t have any item to sell? I’d personally show you how to import items from China for dirt cheap and sell for over 200% profit. This training is an added service for anyone who joins our 5net team.

Did you know that this HD Vision night driving glasses cost N8,000 online but you can get it for less than N1,000 from one of our import portals? That’s over 800% Return on Investment right?


When you join 5net under our team, we’d teach you how to import these kind of items and even more. Can you imagine the income potential? Can you just imaging selling just 5 of this item every day? Good stuff right?



2. How to Import Items for Dirt Cheap From China and Sell for Over 200% Profit

This is a special training for anyone who joins 5net today. It’s not a 5net arrangement, it’s a personal training but let me give you a tip of the iceberg. If you want to make money online, then you need to sell something right? It could be a product or service.



But if you jump into selling just any kind of product, you will soon jump out. You need to research to know what exactly people need before you go ahead to import these items to sell. Do you understand?


There are several ways to know what people need. One way to do that is to check for what is already selling online, then you import yours and sell. Another way is to do a survey or use a special website for research.



Once you have noted items that sell very well, the next step is to import the items. You can get items for cheap on www.aliexpress.com and you can get them for even cheaper on www.1688.com but hey…

Just before you rush down to those websites, you need to know how to import your items from those sites otherwise you’d end up paying more.



After importing the items, you need to also learn how to sell the items. Personally, I sell most of my imported items by leveraging on the power of Facebook. You can also sell your items on the 5net platform as well.


Like I said earlier, this training is a special training that you’d receive once you join our team on 5net.



3. How to Make Free Local Calls for N750 Every Month

Did you know that as a partner with 5net, you can make free calls at N750 every month? Yes! And you can make money when you get people to subscribe for this service. 5net is presents a world of endless possibilities!



What can you do with this info?

You can register your friends and loved ones on 5net and get them to subscribe for this service to reduce their call cost. Now image that you tell 100 of your friends about this and 5net pays you N100 as referral commission, that’s N10,000 right?


Now that you know all these… There’s still another way to make money from 5net. You can make money when you share the 5net business opportunity with your friends and loved ones.


5net has several compensation structures where you can get a car worth N3,000,000  a FREE international trip worth N500,000, Mobile phones, gadgets and other monetary gifts.



See Pictures of 5Net Compensation Structure








Unlike other networks where you require over 8,000 people in your total geneology to get a car, you need only 781 people in your 5net network to get a car worth N3,000,000. But hey! Don’t let the numbers scare you? The work is not for you alone to perform.


You have a team of professionals to work with. We have created an automatic referral system that helps us to recruit people from the internet. As at this moment, there are over 1000 people reading this eBook just like you are doing right now.



How much will it cost in total to join 5net?

N10,000 qualifies you to become a member and an extra N750 for your CUG line to be activated. Please note that the CUG plan only applies to MTN lines.


Despite the fact that 5net costs N10,000 for one account, I want you to think like a business person. As you saw on the compensation plan, if you refer 5 people, you will automatically move to Silver. What if you could pay N60,000 for 6 accounts? Do you know what this means? You will get 6 of every benefit that 5net has to offer. For example, with one account when you qualify you will get one car.



But with 6 accounts when you qualify you will get 6 cars. Also, when you sign up with 6 accounts you will automatically earn N11,000 cash or N6,000 plus smart wrist watch. Awesome right?


Does this make any sense to you at all? If it does, then it’s time to get started. To sign up, send the following details to agina.ikenna@gmail.com


Full names

Email address

Phone number


4.Number of accounts

Once done, I will give you a link of one of our team members to sign up. We are always helping our members to get downlines as lots of other people are also reading this eBook.

However, that does not mean you should fold your hands. Also remember that when you sign up, we will teach you how to import items from China for dirt cheap and sell for more than 200% profit.


Want speak with me on phone? You can reach me on 08037193840.

Until next time




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