72 hour income

Is the 72 hour income course by Toyin Omotoso legit or scam?

Let’s find out …

First off, I knew about Toyin Omotoso in 2013. I subscribed for one of his courses back then, I must confess I got value for my money. I was opportune to meet him a few years back in Festac town at Ronald Nzimora’s wedding. Cool guy, we spoke and joked about a couple of things.


Toyin Omotoso is a “Direct Response Marketer” as he once described himself on Twitter. Toyin has a couple of businesses which includes “Buy Well Properties” and he’s also the founder of the Expertnaire affiliate network, Expertnaire is a platform where publishers list their products; affiliates then promote these products for a commission.


That’s by the way…

Now let’s find out what this 72 hour income course is all about.

It’s actually built around the affiliate marketing business model. The course gives you instant access to the Expertnaire platform for 2 years and detailed training on how to promote any of the products on the network. Normally, it costs N10,000 per year to sign up on the expertnaire network (that’s if you are not buying the 72 hour income course)


The course costs N30,000. So invariably, you are only paying N10,000 for the 72 hour income course. Because the N20,000 is assumed to cover for the two years subscription. Clear right? After making payment for the course, you will get instant access to the training area. If you can’t access the courses immediately, allow for one hour and you’d be just fine.


The link to access the course will be sent to you via email including your username and password to access the Expertnaire network. The 72 hour income course is broken down into 5 modules, plus the bonus section and the website design section which makes a total of 7 folders.


72 hour income review

Figure 1


Figure 1 above shows the login interface of the 72 hour income course. You login with the username you selected while setting up your account and your password. Once logged in, you’d immediately have access to the course modules as described in figure 2 below.


72 hour income

Figure 2


Now let’s take a sneak peek into what’s available inside each of the modules:

Module 1: Product and Customer Research

how to make money online

Figure 3


This module contains 2 videos. The video 1 as always is an introduction, Toyin talks about the Epertnaire network, the products, talks about affiliate marketing etc. He goes on to talk about the things you need to do before you start promoting a product.


Module 1, Video 2: Product and Customer Research

Before creating an advertising campaign for any of the product on the Expertnaire network, it’s very important that you understand the product, this will help you create your customer avatar; you need to be able to put the product in the face of the right customer.


In this video, Toyin broke down the steps you need to take into very easy to understand description. Your success in affiliate marketing is dependent on this… Miss this and you will not make any money.


Module 2: Pre-sell Secrets – How to Create Pre-sell Articles

A pre-sell content as the name implies, is a content that attempts to pre-frame the mind of your customer before sending them to the affiliate product you are promoting. The pre-sell content can be a story or a guide. Toyin provided different pre-sell contents you can tweak to start creating your campaign.


Module 3: Trojan Horse Email Follow Up

This module contains two videos, the first video talks about “Engineering an Optin Page and a Thank You Page” while video 2 is an introduction to “Trojan Email Marketing”. To summarize, in this module you will learn how to set up the pages required for your affiliate promotion.


You will learn how to set up your squeeze page, how to integrate the code from your auto-responder, how to redirect to your thank you page which then links back to your affiliate link. You’d also learn how to write and schedule powerful promotional emails to convert your leads into buyers.


Module 4: Black Mirror Facebook Advertising

This module contains two sections A&B, the first section has 4 videos:

i. Introduction to Facebook advertising

ii. What to do if Facebook bans your account

iii. Setting up your Facebook business account

iv. Setting up your authority Facebook page


Module 4B – Facebook Targeting

The Facebook Targeting is a mini-course within Module 4B and it contains its own 5 Modules. Use the links below to access each module of this mini-course.

affiliate marketing


This module is a “University Semester” on it’s own, you’d learn everything you need to know about running a successful Facebook ads. Facebook is one of the best platforms for anyone looking for cheap and targeted traffic.


Though some of the videos in this module was created by Mike Leo, one of Toyin’s partners. You will learn how to create Facebook adverts that will give you great results.


Module 5: How to Profit From Ghetto Banners
This module contains two videos. In the first video, you’d discover how to use ghetto banners to get traffic to your squeeze page. Toyin reveals some websites where you can pay and have your banner uploaded with a link back to your squeeze page of course.


In the second video, you will learn how to design your ghetto banners by using the Canva app. Toyin walks you through the process of building a banner from start to finish on Canva.


The other modules contain training on how to create your website and set up your pages before running adverts. In the bonus section, you will find done for your campaigns for 3 expertnaire products. All you need do is to model after any of the campaign, then start running your Ads.


In the second bonus, you will learn how to make your first 2-5 sales on Expertnaire without paying money for Ads. Yes, it’s possible! In this bonus you will learn how to make simple posts on Whatsapp or Facebook for free, with this strategy you can make sales that can give you enough money to start running your paid ads.


If you are looking for a way to earn an extra money by working just a couple of hours per day, then the 72 hour income is worth investing in. First, the course is well organized as you already now by name. It’s newbie friendly and very easy for anybody to understand.


I love the fact that Toyin included done for your campaigns for 3 of the products, so you can model after any of these campaigns and start making money ASAP. You only need to make 3- 4 sales to recover the money you paid for the course.


This course can help you become a millionaire! Yes, you can start earning 5-7 figures every week. But only if you start implementing what you have learned from the course.


I’m still looking to see any, if I think anything is not right I’d definitely update this post. Oh! If you already have solid knowledge about affiliate marketing, you’d find yourself skipping most part of the videos.


I strongly recommend the 72 hour income course to anyone looking for a legitimate way to make money online, it’s full of great value. Like I said earlier, you can get back the money you invested in the course in 72 hours if you do the right thing.


Here’s Some Little Motivation for You…
72 hour income


Do you want to invest in the 72 hour income course? CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Quick Update:
There’s a new version of the 72 hour income course, it’s fabulous and I’m excited. As always, Toyin has done a great job, he’s updated and called it the 72 hour income implementation program, you cannot loose with this. You can have access to it right away by CLICKING HERE


Talk soon





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