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Affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies to monetize a web page. A strategy that allows you to earn a percentage for each sale made of the products that we refer and recommend to our readers. 

It works as a channel, through which a certain brand that seeks to promote its products or services pays a previously agreed percentage to those who help them increase their sales, whether on a website, on a fanpage or on a blog.


A strategy that is very interesting for both parties, since, on the one hand the seller manages to increase the traffic of its website, expand its customer base and generate new sales. 

And, on the other hand, the affiliate expands its reach to different social networks, increase the visibility of its fanpage and generates a magnificent opportunity to achieve greater participation, traffic and shared publications, adding other sources through which it redirects the traffic of quality to the site that promotes. A game in which everyone wins if it is done well.


When you join an affiliate program and choose the product you wish to sponsor, the company will provide you with a “unique affiliate code” that you must use to bring your followers to the product. 

A code that will also serve to track the conversions made through your affiliate ID Every time someone clicks on the link to access the company’s website, they will be registered that it is a client that it belongs to you. As simple as that!


Of course, in order to get good results implementing this type of strategy, you must know your target audience well and have your nichewell defined so that, when promoting a certain product, you are sure that what you propose to your followers will be of interest to them and that the possibilities of conversion will be greater. 

But in addition, these two factors are essential for advertisers to want to accept you as an affiliate. Keep in mind that no company will want to advertise on a site that has nothing to do with your brand, with your target audience or that does not offer quality content.


For your part, you should also make sure that the product or service you are recommending is good. And, in the face of your followers, it is not right to advise them to buy something that will not meet their expectations, because they will lose their confidence.



  • Payment by conversion: with this program, the seller pays a commission for the sale of the product once the purchase process has been completed by the client to whom you have recommended the product.
  • Pay per click: in this case, the affiliate receives a payment based on the amount of traffic to the website of the brand through the link that has been placed on the blog, web or fanpage.
  • Payment by form:the affiliate obtains a commission if the users who have been referred by him, complete a form with their data in the place of destination.




To start, what you need is a web, a blog or a fanpage on a specific topic.If you do not have millions of page views every day, it’s better to focus on a more specific topic. 

If your website is, for example, about fashion but there are no good offers in this sector, you will not be able to use this source of income. Even if there is a wide range of advertisers or programs in the sector, it is very important that you know how to choose the one that will give you the most profitability and the one with the best product.



It is very important that our website remains active. To do this, we must publish fresh content on a regular basis, so that we generate links, comments and users share it. 

This way, when it comes time to share a promotion, the content will be displayed more easily. Both because Google will give priority to your page as well as the fact that you will have achieved a greater number of followers who will share it.



One of the most effective ways to earn revenue with affiliate marketing is to recommend only those products that we trust because we have already tried. We can create a kind of advertorial in which we explain the benefits we have found when testing it. 

But we can also do for example a video of a cooking recipe and, as we are doing it, mention the brands of the products we are using and why. Readers do not like to be tried to sell directly, but if you include it in a context in which you explain the value it brings, the results in the sales generated can be surprising.



It is very important that you have the confidence of your followers to take your recommendations into account. Although it may be very obvious, many bloggers abuse the confidence of their fans by recommending products of dubious reliability only because of the high commission they receive for it. 


It is true that this strategy can work in the short term, but if you want your income to be extended over time, it is very important that you know all the details of the product that you promote. And, in case there are problems, your followers will they will ask for explanations and the time that you will have to invest to solve it does not compensate the commission received.



It is very important that you carry out constant monitoring of your actions. Checking if the feedback from your followers is positive or negative. Otherwise, you could be bothering your audience without being aware of it. 

The comments of the blog itself will provide us with very valuable information, but also the Insights page of our Facebook page, since we will be able to know how many users have hidden a post, if they have done so with all the posts or if they have marked them as spam. 

If the product fits with the public of our page, in general, we will not have a negative feedback, but if it is not, we may be bothering our followers.


Looking for an good affiliate program to join? The Waawu academy pays you to refer people to join it’s learning platform. The platform provides users with the opportunity to learn about Crypto-Currency, Agriculture, Forex trading. As an affiliate, you get paid 10% when you refer anyone to subscribe for any of the study packs in the academy.


waawu academy

However, in order to weed the system off unserious affiliates, you will be required to pay a token of $10 to promote it’s services. The guys at Waawu academy mean business and have taken their time to build a sustainable business. Another good thing about promoting the Waawu academy is that you earn on different levels.


For example, when you sign up someone who purchases a study pack and the person decides to also become an affiliate and refer’s another, you will also make money. 


Want to Learn How to Make Even More Money From Waawu Advantage? Then Watch The Video Below:



To sign up right away, >>> CLICK HERE <<<. I’d be posting the sign up link here in a bit.


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