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There are a couple of ways to make money online and affiliate marketing happens to be one of those ways. As a matter of fact, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet; but that’s only if you “Get It Right”.


If you are reading this article right now, I’m sure you want to make money. You probably know a thing or two about affiliate marketing, or just maybe you are a complete newbie. Whatever your level is, I’d try as much as I can to give you detailed information about affiliate marketing in this post.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

I don’t want to go into the “conventional” kind of description, so let me break this down to the  lowest level. Let’s say you have a product that sells for N10,000. Normally, you make a couple of sales when you run Targetted Facebook Ads, but then you need to make more sales because we all want more money right?


Now you take the said product and list it on one of the affiliate websites, there are a couple of them like ClickBank, JVZoo, Expertnaire etc. If your product is good enough, thousands of affiliates will promote it to their lists and you’d make even more money. 


Now let’s break it down:

1. The Product Owner (merchant): The merchant is usually known as the product owner, so if you have a product/service listen on an affiliate network, you’d be regarded to/as the merchant. 


2. The Affiliate Network: The affiliate network is a network that hosts products/services of thousands of merchants on the internet.

They usually charge a little fee from the merchant either one off or on a per transaction basis. For example, Expertnaire which is owned by one of the top internet marketers in Nigeria charges a flat fee of N10,000 per year for membership.


Expertnaire is an awesome affiliate network, though fairly new with just few products. The good thing is that they pay between 40-90% as commission to affiliates. 


3. The Affiliates: The affiliates are individuals who promote other people’s product for a commission. If I want to make money from affiliate marketing, I can simply scroll through any of the products on Expertnaire, create a sales funnel for it, run Facebook ads and I get a percentage per sale. You get that?


For example, Joe Okoro who happens to be one of my mentors and a professional blogger made N739,500 from affiliate marketing in just 12 days! He ended up documenting what he did to make such an amount of money in a series of videos, you learn about how he achieved such result HERE


I hope you get the drift?

You are probably saying, oh Victor… I know, I know what you just explained, so how can I make money with affiliate marketing? 

The truth is this, in order to make money from affiliate marketing and any other internet business, you have to always have a plan and be intentional. When you place the right products, in the eyes of the right people and tell then provoke their emotions by telling them they need to hear, then you’d make money from affiliate marketing.


For example, on the Expertnaire affiliate network, there is a course on blogging by Joe Okoro, called the Blog Cash University

The course sells for N30,000 and I get paid 40% (N12,000) on every sale I make for that course. If I want to make sales, here’s what I’d do:


i. Write a short article about blogging

ii. Create a squeeze page to collect emails

iii. Create follow up emails and automate them on an auto-responder

iv. Drive traffic to the article using Facebook


Now here’s how it works, after my sales funnel has been set up, I simply need to set up Facebook ads and tell Facebook who I want to target; if I get this right, Facebook will show my ads to people who are really interested in blogging. 


After reading my article, they’d sign up for more info by using there emails… Once this happens, I can send them messages over and again until they purchase the product. There are several ways of driving traffic to your website, but using Facebook Ads is one of the best ways I recommend. 


What Do You Need to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?

A. You Need a Website to Promote Your Offer: I see a lot of people join affiliate programs, then the next thing they do is to get the product links and start slapping it everywhere on the internet. That’s not way to go! You need to be able to capture prospect data and to do this, you’d need to set up a mini-website.


B. Training: You need to get detailed training that will help you master the skill of affiliate marketing. There are resources you can get online for FREE, just like this post you are reading right now. If you need a detailed training, you can grab Joe Okoro’s affiliate marketing course where you’d learn how he made N739,500 in 12 days. 


In a nutshell, that’s all there is to know about affiliate marketing. Once you set up your sales funnel and learn how to run Facebook ads, you’d make money.



a. PRO Affiliate Marketing Course by Joe Okoro, CLICK HERE

b. Blog Cash University by Joe Okoro, CLICK HERE

c. Facebook Targeting Blueprint by Mike Leo, CLICK HERE

d. How to Turn Yourself Into a Live Breathing Cash Machine, CLICK HERE

c. eCOM Domination Masterclass, CLICK HERE

d. Passive Income Machine Masterclass, CLICK HERE

e. 72 Hour Income Course, CLICK HERE


The above listed resources are your keys to making money online from affiliate marketing, you can never go wrong with any of the training listed above. So if you really want to make money online, then take those courses and get into ACTION.


I got to run now.

I hope you enjoyed this article,

If you have questions, feel free to drop it in the comment box below.




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