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[Affiliate Marketing ] 3 Steps To Make Money Selling Physical Products Online

I was eating out at a ” Mama Put” joint somewhere around Ikeja and this tired looking girl of about 2 years walked in with some products from a Network Marketing company. She was practically trying to shove the product down the throats of everyone eating at the joint.


Nobody seemed interested, they didn’t even act like they noticed her; it made me feel bad for her and I tried to be a bit receptive when she walked up to me. ” Bros come and buy this Networking Product“, it’s good for your body! I remember vividly I had similar experience before that day and I had a quick thought ” why do they have to go through this stress?”


Anyway in my usual manner, I asked her to sit down and I told her why she shouldn’t try to shove products into the faces of people who were obviously not interested in the product.  I educated her and advised her to target those who have interest in such product using Facebook. 


I’m sure you are probably wondering, how does that related to the title of this blog post? Oh well it does and in the next few paragraphs, I am sure you would be able to relate with the story somehow. In this article, you will learn how to make money online by selling physical products from an affiliate marketing company.


Affiliate Marketing – 7 Steps To Make Money Selling Physical Products Online

affiliate marketing


I am not about to go into detailed explanation about what affiliate marketing is ( you can learn all that from Google),  basically it’s selling products for companies and getting paid a particular percentage for each sale. Most affiliate marking companies create a replicated website for you so you can track the sales from your links while others don’t.


For the purpose of the title of this article, I would be referring to selling products from Forever Living company. You can make anything between N5,000 – N12,000 from retail profits alone, this is apart from the commissions you get paid on every month. Forever Living has lots of products that cuts across almost every area of health concerns.


What Exactly Is Your Job Then As Affiliate?

Find a group of people who have a particular problem and prescribe one of the products that solves that problem to them. How does that sound? If you want to make money as an affiliate, then this is the right way to go about it. Don’t just pick up products and try to ” shove it down the throats of people at an Amala joint like that 25 year old girl 🙂 “, instead look for a way to get it to those who really need it.


You Get The Drift Right?

So Step One Should Be? I’m sure you guessed right!

1. Choose a Market To Sell To: Let me give you heads up here, when choosing a market; make sure you focus on markets that experience a lot of pain. For example:

  • Men who are having erectile problems
  • Women who want to lose weight
  • People who want to make more money especially in this recession
  • Women looking for husbands etc.

That’s just to mention a few. But the title of this blog post suggests physical products so we would focus on erectile product packs, weight loss packs etc. 


2. Register With The Affiliate Marketing Company That Has The Kind of Products You Want to Promote: After you have selected your market, the next thing to do is to register with the company that has the kind of products that appeals to your selected market. Let’s say in this case with Forever Living Products; they have great products. There are combination of FLP products that you can sell and make up to N12,000 profit.


3. Market The Products: Being able to identify a market and getting products suited from an affiliate marketing company to solve the needs of the market isn’t just enough, you have to be able to sell the products to your target audience. In essence, you need to advertise your products to your target market.

Your business is dead without marketing! Have you even wondered why Coca-Cola still advertises till today? They understand that they can’t afford to be lax no matter how many consumers they already have.


There are different ways to market your products and they include word of mouth, using fliers, bulk sms, internet marketing etc. Amongst all these methods of marketing, I have found internet marketing to be the most effective. This is just what I think, you might feel differently though.

For example, today I made N12,000 profit from selling just one product, not to talk of others and guess what? The guy saw my Advert through Facebook and he placed an order!


If you want to get started with affiliate marketing and need help to set up your sales funnel to sell physical products on the internet please send an email to Here’s what you will get:

a. A 3 paged website ( Squeeze page, sales page and thank you page)

b. I will teach you how to drive targeted traffic to your offer

c. I will give you support in the event that you get stuck


I hope you learned a thing or two in this article. If you enjoyed it, please use the floating social media share button on the left hand side to share with your friends and loved ones.


I got to go now.

Until next time.







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