Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money on the internet. You can make up to 50% commissions by simply promoting others’ products and services. It’s a dream.


Read any guide or blog on affiliate marketing, and one of the first tips you’ll see is this: Make sure you choose the right niche. What makes a good niche?


  • It’s in high demand. You won’t make any money promoting products or services if no one is interested in them.
  • It has products and services offering high payouts. 10% – 30% commissions are great. You can make money with 2% – 6% commissions, but it will be a volume game.
  • It’s not too competitive. If you’re an affiliate pro, perhaps you can disrupt a competitive market. But if you’re more of a beginner, stick to low competition niches.


Here are the top 6 affiliate niches based on these three principles:

1. Fitness Equipment

Though somewhat competitive, the fitness industry has grown into a nearly $100 billion industry, and it’s probably only grown larger since the virus has forced us all to stay home. Being in good shape is timeless, and it’s probably not going anywhere. Cash in on it.



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2. Debt Settlement

Many people around the world are in debt. And many are desperate to get out of it – which makes it a great affiliate niche. These people are continually looking for a debt to success system or solution. With some debt settlement affiliate programs boasting payouts of $50 and $100 per lead, it’s very profitable.


3. Yoga

Yoga has been growing in popularity for quite a while now, and the virus has only made it more widespread. People are desperate for ways to decompress and relax. Affiliate marketing options in the yoga space include equipment, subscription boxes, and training programs.


4. Pets

67% of families own a pet. And the lengths to which people are going to spoil their pets is only growing. In general, this is a competitive niche, but there are all kinds of sub-niches you could tap into. Consider a specific pet, breed of pet, or type of pet accessory to promote.



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5. Software as a Service

The beauty of this industry is that nearly all SaaS products are monthly subscriptions. If you can convince someone to purchase a monthly SaaS subscription, you benefit from monthly payouts. This kind of consistent income is every affiliate marketer’s dream.


6. Home Decor

Most of the world has spent the past six months in their homes, looking at the same furniture and decor day after day. As the economy opens back up, many are ready for home updates. And with most people spending between $500 and $5,000 to renovate a single room, there’s room to make money here. Home decor will be a great affiliate niche in 2020 and 2021.


Pick a Niche That’s Right for You

One final principle for choosing a niche to consider: pick one that you’re interested in. You don’t have to be a dog fanatic to go after the dog niche – but it shouldn’t make you miserable.


Choose wisely.


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