Affnaija is Back – Introduces More Benefits!


Affnaija is back!

Over a week ago, the affnaija website had some glitches which forced them to go offline, almost every one who had invested in the business switched to panic mode. Most of its subscribers blew the situation out of proportion; while all these were happening I never had doubts.


I had a chat with the affnaija admin and he told me all issues would be resolved by Friday 12th January, 2018. Did they resolve it, OH yes they did and the business is up, running and paying again. If you still don’t know about the affnaija network, CLICK HERE TO READ A DETAILED BLOG POST


Here’s a brief of What Affnaija Is:

It’s an affiliate network that formed partnership with merchants on Jumia & Konga. You already know that the driving forced behind the prosperity of any online business is TRAFFIC. So the plan is this, these merchants pay affnaija to promote their products links from Jumia and Konga, affnaija in return pays you to post those products on your Facebook account.


Now listen, when you post the product link you automatically make money. People don’t need to purchase the products before you make money; isn’t what sweet? So you see it’s win, win for everyone. However, subscription to the affnaija network is not free. Don’t get discouraged, think like a business person; you have to spend money to make money.


Affnaija has different subscription plans and each of them have different benefits. For example the N1,000 plan will help you make N100 per product share. It’s one product share per day so in 30 days, you’d have made N3,000. When you subtract N1,000 you have a balance of N2,000 right?


Also, for the N1,000 plan you get paid N250 when you refer someone to the affnaija network. Please note that referral is not mandatory but it will help you make even more money from the network.


For the N4,000 plan, you get N400 per product share and you earn N1,000 when you refer someone to join the business. Sweet right?

For the N7,000 plan, you earn N700 per product share and you earn N1,500 when you refer someone to join the business.


Now for the newly added “Veteran Plan” which I consider the best plan, you subscribe with N10,000. You get N1,000 per product share and you get paid N2,000 when you refer someone to join the network. Good stuff right?




How to Join Affnaija to Make More Money?

When you join my affnaija team, I’d teach you how to almost effortlessly make even more money with a simple system that I created. Want to get started? CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Decide on the plan you want to sign up with. I’d advice you to go for the N10,000 plan so that you can earn more money. You can either make payment with your debit card or you can find the agents’ information on the website, send money to them together with your username and they’d fund your wallet for you to activate.


During registration and funding, make sure you use the username “bizmogul” to register. I’d only be able to help you if you register with my username. Please refer to This Post again to get a walk through of the registration process. 


Also, affnaija has introduced a daily raffle feature where members can win extra money on a daily basis, you can participate with just N100. Good stuff right?


More updates…

Very soon you’d be able to recharge your phone with call credit from your affnaija account. So if you have funds in your account, you can simply input your phone number and request that the money be transferred to your phone as credit. Ain’t that good?


If you are interested in joining affnaija and you need to learn how to make more money, then CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY TEAM.


If you have questions, feel free to drop a comment in the comment box below.

I got to run now.

Until next time.


– Victor


Update: Affnaija appeared to be sustainable, I spoke with the admin just to be sure but finally the problem couldn’t sustain itself so they apologized and shut down. I know that’s unethical but as you know with investments you win some and lose some.

However I discovered a legitimate and registered business with offices scattered around the country. Waawu advantage gives you the opportunity to earn 3-9% of your money every Monday, you can watch Sam Asiwaju speak about it >>> CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

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