How to Use Amazon Marketing Service to Sell Your Amazon Kindle eBook

Hi guys, it’s been a while I posted and I’m sorry for taking so long; I have been swamped with lots of other stuffs. Today I want to share with you a little experiment I started by leveraging on the Amazon Marketing Service to promote my Kindle Book.


1. Sometime last year I wrote some posts about my Amazon Kindle Publishing journey but I lost all the posts when my blog went down.


2. Secondly, the reason why I didn’t continue with the Kindle story was because of an unfortunate event I experienced with the guys at Amazon.



My books had raked in about $100, I checked my back office and discovered that Amazon had sent me a check for the kindle books. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive the “said check“.

I emailed Amazon to make a complain and they told me I had cashed the check! 



Shocked to the marrow, I emailed back and queried continuously! They asked me to check with my bank, but logically there was no point checking with my Bank when I didn’t present the check.

After series of emails, I got a shocker from them! They sent me a document that had been signed by someone else that I instructed the check to be cashed.



What even got me mad was the fact that the check was cashed to a Chinese Company with a forged signature. Whoever sent me the email from Amazon didn’t bother to do his/due diligence…

I went ahead to send my International Passport to prove that wasn’t my signature but yet they wouldn’t bulge. See below a screen shot of our emails and the documents:



amazon kindle check


amazon kindle check


amazon kindle



Anyway, I found a better option to receive my payment. I re-applied for a Payoneer card and had one shipped to me 2 months ago or so. Amazon automatically sends my payments straight the my Payoneer account so I can cash out from the card, now that’s better! I’m motivated once again to proceed with my Amazon Kindle journey.



As at this time of writing, I have 5 books currently published on Amazon. To be quite frank with you, I haven’t made much progress… I’m still work in progress 🙂

That’s what this journey is about, I hope I can publish more books and be able to make more sales. Here’s what my Amazon Kindle Publishing back office looks like:



amazon kindle


amazon kindle book



I’m going to be quite frank with you here, for a period of time after the fracas with the Amazon team, I noticed I wasn’t getting any sales from any of my books. For whatever reasons, I cannot explain! The last book I published in May ” Effortless MLM Recruiting“, didn’t got just one or two sales.



Even though I read about some promotion strategies from a post on Sean Ogle’s blog which I posted on my BLOG HERE, I still didn’t do well. My timing was wrong so I messed things up even when I offered the book for free download.



But instead of just sitting there and wallowing, I decided to do something different! I read about the Amazon Marketing Services, it’s an arm of Amazon that helps promote your books on the Amazon platform on a cost per click basis. Basically, it’s more like an Amazon Google Adwords! Or maybe a Facebook paid ads.



With the Amazon Marketing Services, you can specify your niche keywords; you will only get charged when someone clicks on the links. Before I proceed, let me show you a screenshot of the “Little but Encouraging” results I have gotten since I started using the AMS.



amazon kindle book



From the image above, you can see I sold 3 copies of my book “Effortless MLM Recruiting” on the 30th of May 2017, 1 copy on the 31st, 1 copy on the 1st of June, 2 copies on the 2nd of June and 1 copy on the 4th of June. That’s a total of 8 copies between 29th of May and 4th of June.



Now let’s see how and why these sales happened:

I set up an Ad campaign on AMS on the 29th of May, 2017 and by 30th I started seeing results. What’s even more awesome is the fact that I have only spent $2.44 on the Ad. I set up the Ad for $5 daily budget and I allowed Amazon Marketing Services take care of the keywords on automatic.



Let’s do some Mathematics Here:

So I spent $2.44 on Adverts and I sold 8 copies of my Amazon Kindle books at $2.99. After Amazon yanks off tax from the money I’m left with $2.00. Multiply $2.00 by total number of copies sold (8 copies), you’d get $16 right? Now subtract $2.44 from $16, you’d have a balance of $13.56.


Find Below The Screen Shot From My AMS Campaign:


amazon marketing services



I know this isn’t much but the result is pretty amazing but knowing that 16 people clicked on the Ads and 8 people purchased the book, is cool right? And to add to that, I received 3 awesome 5 star reviews for the book and I had some persons send me an email asking to join my MLM business.

Well, I plan to scale up! My next plan is to write at least two books this month and set up advert campaigns for each of the books.


I set up campaigns for the other books I already have but they didn’t do well. Maybe I’d have to tweak the description page. I discovered that one of the reasons this Ad converted well is because of the description page which was well written. 


Okay, Okay… That’s basically it for today’s Amazon Kindle Post! I’d keep updating this post or create new posts and link back here as I achieve better results. I hope you learned a thing or two.


I got to run now.

Until next time



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