Do you know you can make money creating animated videos with an animation video maker?

Listen, if you have been looking for a way to make money online then you’d find this article very useful… So stay glued and read on!


In order to make money with any animation video maker, first you need to decide on which app to use in creating the video, you need to learn how to use the app and then you find a platform where you can sell your animation videos. You can earn anything between $40 and above per video( it’s your call).


At $40, you’d make $200 per day when you deliver to 5 clients. Sounds good right? Let’s take a look at what people charge for animation videos on Fiverr.


animation video


As you can see from the video above, this seller charges $45 and has 51 orders in Queue. Now let’s do some Mathematics with the figure in place. 51 multiplied by 45 gives you $2,295, isn’t this amazing? Not counting how many sales this person has generated before now, that’s some good figures isn’t it?



So here’s what to quickly do in order to make a lot of money with animation video maker. Go to any freelance website to create an account and list your services. For the sake of this tutorial, you can use FIVERR, I’ve made some good money from this website in time past.

Watch the Video Below to Learn How to Create a FIVERR Account

After creating an account, the next step would be to create a Gig. A gig is what you are actually selling, since we want to sell video animation services, it’s wise to look at what other sellers are doing and then modify it to create your own unique gig.
animation video
The highlighted text above is the title, after you click on CREATE A NEW GIG, the first space provided will be for you to enter your gig title. After that you’d have to enter a description and other parameters requested. It’s pretty basic, just follow the instructions and make sure you have a gig you can replicate.
Please don’t copy someone’s gig word for word, it’s important that you get creative and re-write it in order not to have a duplicate gig, I trust you can do that. The image below shows the description that’s being used by the seller whose image I used above.
animation videos
After you create your gig, the next thing is to learn how to create the videos using an app on your phone. It’s not that complex, you just need 3 apps I will provide to you that will help you create good animation videos. See sample of the animation video I created with these apps below.


Do you want to have access to the video training? It only costs a token of just N2,000. To get access to this training send an email to or Whatsapp 08037193840 or >>> CLICK HERE TO CHAT INSTANTLY ON WHATSAPP <<<


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