How to Make Yourself an ATM Machine – Back to Basics!

How to Make Yourself an ATM Machine – Back to Basics!

I’m sure you are familiar with an ATM machine; it’s that metal box mostly installed outside the banking hall that churns out instant CASH.

atm machine


The machine was designed to make banking transactions easier.

So instead of walking into the “jam-packed banking hall” to withdraw cash, you just insert your card into the ATM machine, punch in “the required numbers” and voila… It spills out cash!


Just imagine for a second, what if you can “churn out cash on demand? Like you can just push some buttons like you do on the ATM and money starts rolling into your bank account on complete autopilot!


You know it’s possible right? 

When Bob wrote his book, Nothing Down and wanted to market it, he went to TV and made a bold statement:

“Send me to any city in the US with just $100 in my pocket for expenses and within 48 hours, I will buy an excellent piece of real estate without my own money”

That is just like someone in Nigeria saying “Take me to any random city within Nigeria and within 48 hours, I will buy an excellent piece of real estate”


They took him up on his offer and sent him to a random US city with just $100 and an agent monitoring his every move to ensure that no “mago mago” was involved.

Barely, 24 hours later, he had actually bought a good piece of real estate without his money. That bold claim sold millions of copies of that book.


Do you want to be able to pull that kinda stunt?

For that to happen, you need to do a mind reset if you don’t already have a plan to make that work!

Do you know why? You might end up making a lot of mistakes just like those who throw money around to join the next ponzi scheme available.

A lot of people out there are just looking for the next shiny object, they are confused, they are distracted… No wonder they put their monies in Twinkas, MMM and anything that promises to give them a percentage of their money.


If you are that kind of person, you need to chill out! If you really want to make yourself an ATM machine, if you want to command money at will, then there are certain principles and rules you have to follow. Stop throwing money around, stop wasting money on things that will bring you sorrow and just do follow this rule…


1. Find what people want first, identify the people who want it and measure the level of their want.

2. Then, go ahead and get it for them.

3. Then make money!


It took me a long time to learn this but I want you to get it into your head as soon as possible
so that you can achieve faster results.

The main lesson here is this: If you create a money making venture that sells a product or service that people want to buy to the people who want to buy them, your rate of success is pretty high.


Thomas Edison once said and I quote ” I find what the world needs, Then I Go Ahead and Try to Invent It”. It’s that simple! One you get this right, you will never find it difficult to make money.


All you need is just one “Hot Selling Product” and an automated sales system that will help you sell the product. For example, I’ve set up a one page website for a product and have effortlessly sold them in hundreds.



With Facebook Ads! The same Facebook where you clicked on this link to read this article! Did you notice how I lead you on from Facebook right to this point? You can also set up the same system and attract those people who’d be interested in your offer. 


A few years ago, I used to be like you, trying out different stuffs and getting mediocre results. But when I discovered this secret, I quadrupled my income. I learned this secrets from a book titled ” How to Turn Yourself Into a Life Breathing Cash Machine


It’s a book written by Toyin Omotoso, he’s one of the few guys I have learned a lot of things from. After reading that book, my ” mind reset” about this internet business thingy! My bank account increased, making money became like a breeze!!!


My journey to becoming live breathing cash machines could have been shortened if I had the opportunity to read a book like this. 2018 is almost over, if you did not achieve much… Don’t worry, 2019 is another opportunity to make yourself an ATM machine, a life breathing machine that spits out money at will.


A lot of people go to school, get a job, get married without investing any amount of time and resources to become financially intelligent. Later on in life, they find out that they have a lot of responsibility to meet up
with and their resources are now limited.


They look back at when they had all the time and money to become financially independent and all they can
say if “Only if”

Don‟t let your life become a repeated saying of the “only if” phrase.


Do you want to be an ATM machine that spits out cash at will? Do you want your 2019 to be blissful, without money worries? Will you like to grab a copy of the 99 pages book that tells you how to “Turn Yourself Into a Life Breathing Cash Machine?”

If YES, then grab your copy by CLICKING HERE


Got questions?

Type in the comment box.

I got to run now.

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