Friday, May 26, 2017

How to Start a Business That Doesn’t Interfere With Your Current Job or Business


Everybody needs an extra money, but not everyone can go through the stress of starting a business, especially a traditional brick and mortar business. Over the past 5 years I have discovered that most people need an easy way out to earn extra money, that’s why they lost their monies and will keep losing their […]

Make Money With Multilevel Marketing Virtual-Part 2

multilevel marketing

(If you have not read the first part of Making Money with Virtual Multilevel Marketing – Part 1 , read that section first before continuing with this one.) Now that we have clear some concepts about network marketing, in this second part we will analyze if you can really make money with multilevel marketing and […]

How to Make Money With Virtual Multilevel Marketing – Part 1

multilevel marketing

Many people have asked us if you can make money with virtual multilevel marketing , but to answer this question you must first understand how it works, the pro and contra and the necessary requirements to be successful with these types of projects from home.     What is multilevel marketing and how does it […]

How Your Manufacturing Business Can Make More Money Online

money   Working in manufacturing can often feel as if you have to operate the old fashioned way. But, networking, operating a factory and waiting for business to trickle in isn’t your only option. In fact, a manufacturing company can still make money online, just like any other kind of business.   Regardless of […]

5 Weird Work From Home Jobs You Didn’t Know About

work at home

Alija/Getty Images When you think of work from home jobs, a few occupations spring to mind: customer service representative, blogger, software developer … basically, anything that depends more on the use of a computer than face-to-face interaction.     But as technology gets better, opportunities to telecommute expand past these commonly held roles. Don’t assume […]

5 Principal YouTube Marketing Strategies


So is marketing all about coding, and SEO? Well, maybe it was a decade ago when the internet was used only for search engine results. Take a good long, hard look in the mirror, and ask yourself, what are you trying to do? Startups businesses require hardship, an unshakeable resolve, long hours, late nights and […]

Govt Urged to Partner Helping Hands International to Impact People at Grassroots

helping hands international

A non-governmental and people-oriented organisation, Helping Hands International, has called on government to key into the skills acquisition programme of the organisation to impact the life of the people at the grassroot. The organisation stated that the effect of the current recession on the common man in the country could be mitigated if government and those […]

A Definitive Guide to Develop a Successful Insurance App in 6 Steps


Do you know having a mobile application for your insurance agency plays a significant role to make your company run successfully?   A lot of small and mid-sized businesses think that mobile apps are solely for big name brands such as Walmart, Macy’s, etc. but they are wrong. Today, having a mobile application can impact […]

How to Make a Million Naira in 6-8 Weeks As a Swiss Golden Affiliate

swiss golden

Did you know you can invest in Gold (24 Carat) in Swiss Golden and make a million Naira or more in 6 weeks from now? This is not one of those virtual stuffs flying around the internet, you are investing in real Gold!   What Exactly Is This Gold Investment I’m Talking About? After having […]

How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy from Scratch

email mareting

Knowing how to do an email marketing campaign can be easy with a tutorial, but creating a strategy with goals that you then have to measure is something else entirely.   We have the habit of creating and launching actions without clearly having what we need and not knowing exactly how to measure the results. […]