Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Internet Can Make You – And Break You


By far the best tool that business owners, bloggers, the self-employed and businesses have available to them is the internet. The internet has a primary use as a massive information hub, that keeps businesses on the pulse of trends, and it keeps them informed with what they need to know – be it the news, […]

Create Email Marketing Copy That Converts

email marketing

Email marketing campaigns aren’t just about spamming your customers day after day with product offers (although some companies have had a lot of success with this strategy). It’s also about occasionally providing them with useful content designed to help mold their relationship with your brand.   The problem for many companies is that they don’t […]

If You Write, You Can Make Money Online

make money online

  Seriously, if you can write, you can make money online. I’m not going to tell you that it’ll be a breeze, or that you’ll be able to make thousands of dollars a week and quit your day job immediately, but making a solid living from writing is achievable.   There are numerous ways you […]

The Simplest Ways To Get Paid Faster As A Freelancer


Image source   Whether or not you agree with the capitalist agenda that seems to have chewed western civilization to a pulp and left it as nothing more than a consumerist black hole is kind of irrelevant. Money makes the world go around. It is just a fact.   It is also why you need […]

Increasing Web Traffic Isn’t as Hard as You Think

web traffic

Wikimedia   Online business is more competitive than ever. Getting people to come to your website more than they do the websites of your competitors is vital, but it often seems like an impossible task. Let’s be clear: it is a big task. But it’s not impossible. In fact, it often isn’t as difficult as […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Business Website Fresh!

business website

The one thing that every business relies on is technology. You cannot escape it. Electronic billboards and signage are the new upgrade from paper posters. Thousands of jobs have been created off the back of the technological uprising, as well as college degrees that are purely computing based.   It’s because of this change in […]

The Hidden Help Of The Web


When you are running a business, you usually want to be able to find all the help you can get. Even for the relatively experienced entrepreneur, keeping a business together can be challenging, so it makes sense to want to get help. Of all the places you can possibly find help, the Web has to […]

Top Tips To Create A Successful Manufacturing Firm


Post   With the help of the internet, entrepreneurs have been seizing the opportunity to create online businesses. However, because it’s easy, everyone jumped on the bandwagon, and now it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd. The alternative is to go back to basics and start a business where there is an opening. Not […]

Outsource or In-House? How to Make up Your Mind!


  Image Source   Outsourcing is becoming more and more popular for businesses all over the world. It is not difficult to see why; there are many benefits associated with going down this route. It can bring about reduced expenses, improved quality, better time management, and enhanced productivity levels in your workplace.     However, […]

Guarantee Top-Tier Customer Service for your Translation Agency

customer service

  Image source   A huge part of any translation agency is customer service and making sure our clients feel properly looked after. The busy and fast paced nature of translation agencies, regardless of their size, can mean keeping on top of all our customers daily demands and enquries is not always easy.   Customer […]