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    15 Strategies for Beating Procrastination When You Work from Home

    15 Strategies for Beating Procrastination When You Work from Home If you are ” home worker” like myself, it would be nice if you read the whole of this article. Sincerely speaking, you get a whole lot of distraction when you work from home. My office table is just a few inches away from my bed and it’s tempting to jump back into bed…. At the end of the day, you discover you didn’t achieve much. This is an article from Sean Ogle on Business 2 Community. Please read and enjoy:   I’ve been working for myself for almost seven years now, and in those seven years, you’d think it…

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    Helping Hands International – How to Recruit With Fliers

    Without marketing, your business at Helping Hands International would be redundant! People can’t buy what they don’t see, they can’t join your Network Marketing business, if you don’t tell them about it. The more you talk to people about your business, the better your chances of signing up prospects!     I am presently updating this blog from Asaba. I decided to try something differently for my Helping Hands International business from here. Usually, I recruit online but I thought I should go all out with the fliers yesterday. I love to experiment a lot in order to have stories to share with you. Everything can not work for everybody…

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    Can Blogging Still Be A Lucrative Career Option In 2016?

    This is an article by Laura Cole on Business 2 Community. It’s an interesting article worth reading. Please read and share! While the word blogging is well-known and widely used in 2016, this generic description does little to capture the diversity of the discipline. After all, blogging can be practiced in various ways and to achieve a number of alternative goals, while these subtle differences also impact on the effectiveness of your efforts.   There is a world of difference between business and personal blogging, for example, with the former capable of everything from driving traffic to converting leads. The diversity and potential impact of business blogging is reflected by…

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    5 Proven Conversion Tactics That Will Improve Your Online Sales

    Struggling to make an impact with your online sales? If so, you’re in good company. A surprising amount of businesses is happy to spend thousands on a company website. But then, they will just leave it at that – and act surprised when things start to dip. If you want to make the most of your online presence, you have to think ‘conversions’. And, in this guide, we’re going to go through some simple conversion tactics that work. Let’s take a closer look.   Make your customer feel like they are missing out People love exclusivity. The fear of missing out on a hot purchase can be enough to persuade…

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    How to Create a Profitable Fiverr Account

    Fiverr is a great way to make up to $500 every month if you know how to “work the system”. Basically, in order to earn a continuous income from Fiverr, you need to know the services that are in high demand and you need to make your service stand out from the others.   One great way to position yourself as an authority and generate more sales is to have an enticing profile on Fiverr. A great profile speaks a lot about you and your business. Your prospects can feel who you are by your choice of words. Today, I am going to show you how to create a profitable…

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    A Freelancer’s Salary: How much should you charge?

    A Freelancer’s Salary: How much should you charge? Every day,less and less jobs are requiring being bound to an office or a schedule and freelancing is where the magic happens. The freelancer or entrepreneur is a person who follows a professional path on his own, going against the “office type” paradigms and establishing a personal work process. Now that we have an idea of what we are, the usual question arises: how much should I charge for my work?   Most of the times, this dilemma supposes an internal struggle since we do not want to overcharge or appear greedy. This is a concept that must be forgotten if you…

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    We pulled Over 100 Unemployed Graduates Off the Streets Of Lagos and Showed Them Exactly How to Generate 128k Monthly Income By Spending Just 3 Hours Working Freelancing At Their Own Pace! After 4 Weeks Of Implementation 95% of Them Made At Least 150k While The Other 5% Made Between 85k – 130K.

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    4 Female Body Care Products That Sell Like Hot Cake (Details Inside)

    If you are a full time mini importer then I am sure you already understand the reasons why you should import products that are already selling in the marketplace. Obviously, you don’t want to import products and have them stocked in your office or garage or wherever it is that you store your items. Or maybe in your underground apartment in Lekki like one of my friend would say…   If you are not into “the importation business”, please ignore my opening lines, this article is also meant for you to benefit from and you will see how; so brace yourself up as you digest this over 940 word “No…

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    Helping Hands International: How Dabira Got a BRAND NEW JEEP With a N19,800 Donation & How You can Get Yours When You Join Our Team Today

    Helping Hands International – Read Dabira’s Story  You are probably wondering… ” How Can Dabira Get a Car With a N19,800 Donation“, it’s likely you have doubts about such bold claims and I perfectly do understand! But if you would be open minded about this blog post I am about to share with you, then your doubts would be cleared.   In times like this when the prices of goods have sky-rocketed due to the increasing exchange rate, it’s important to look for another source of income. If you are smart, I am sure you already know that one source cannot sustain you. If you are a worked, then you…