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    Helping Hands International

    Helping Hands International: Compensation Plan Explained

    Helping Hands International: Compensation Plan Explained The Helping Hands International unbeatable compensation plan is a Forced 2 x 2 and 2 x 5 Matrix marketing System, where every member is required to refer 2 members each, every additional sign ups(referrals) will cause a spill over making the matrix to fill faster. It is a follow me matrix with spill over and spill under effect.   With our innovative marketing plan members earn in 5 different stages and as they progress from stage to stage they earn and get life changing rewards Entry fee is a onetime payment of $40, sponsorship bonus of 20% is paid to members who refer any…

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    Make Money Online

    Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Blogging

    In the earlier years of the “blogging phenomenon”, a few creative people who had recognized the gold mine had taken advantage of the blogging business. Most of the early bloggers blogged more about their personal lives while others blogged about a variety of other things. Most of the early time bloggers never bothered about anything like page rank, SEO and stuffs like that – they were mostly interested on writing their post and hitting on the publish button to get soon online.   But times have changed since then, taking a look at the advancement in blogging industry; say from 5 years ago, blogging has transformed into a different kind…

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    Helping Hands International: How to Get Quality Downlines With Facebook Ads

    Helping Hands International: How to Get Quality Downlines With Facebook Ads Recruiting downlines for Helping Hands International appears to be an arduous task for most people. The introverted ones especially get hit the most because they find it very difficult to relate with people, not to talk of convincing somebody to sign up for H2i.   People hate rejection and would rather be in their own space rather than trying to shove a network marketing business opportunity in the face of friends, family members or random people on the street and getting turned down.     In this article, I will show you how to recruit downlines into your Helping Hands International…

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    Hints That Can Help Your Blog Attract More Traffic

    Hints That Can Help Your Blog Attract More Traffic Starting a blog has become a hugely popular pastime these days. And, if you’ve started one you need to think about how to drive traffic to it. Getting your readership up is the primary goal of any blog owner. So, here are a few suggestions for how you can increase the traffic to your blog.   ‘Click Sexy’ Titles The key to successful blogging is making sure you pick the right topics. But, the initial attraction begins with a title. You need to go with what are known as ‘click sexy’ titles. These are blog post titles that are worded in…

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    How to stretch your salary like a pro

    How to stretch your salary like a pro This is a guest post from NEUVOO I find this article suited for online workers. Read and enjoy!   We have all been there. We have all found ourselves without a cent in our pockets on the last days of the month, yet we never seem to know where all the money went to. In a world where global economy deteriorates more and more each day, everyone should know how to manage their money in an efficient manner. It does not matter the amount of money we make, if we know how to manage it, we will be able to stretch it without being…

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    How to Get a Free WordPress Blog Designed For You in 24 Hours On BlueHost

    How to Get a Free WordPress Blog Designed For You in 24 Hours On BlueHost Before I continue with details, here is what you need to know to get your free wordpress blog/website designed: You need a hosting account and a domain name. CLICK HERE TO GET IT FOR CHEAP If you are not sure which niche to focus on, please Click Here to Contact Me so I can guide you. If you are not sure of how to choose a domain name, kindly contact me Your free blog/website includes WordPress installation Beautiful and responsive theme installation Installation of necessary plugins Uploading of logo and banners ( You have to…

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    Brands Are Failing At Blogger Outreach

    Brands Are Failing At Blogger Outreach The Pitfalls Of Outreaching To The Blogging Community Many brands are failing at blogger outreach, which is a critical promotion technique. Learn how to effectively connect with webmasters and build your audience. Many digital agencies have realised the power that the blogging community can provide for brand awareness and engagement. Bloggers are influencers of their extremely loyal audiences and they attract numbers that can rival many corporate sites. Therefore, an article or review on a popular blog can help to quickly spread the word about a new product, start-up or promotion.   Bloggers are contacted on a daily basis with requests for guest articles,…

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    Why Isn’t Your Website Making The Money It Should?

    Why Isn’t Your Website Making The Money It Should? If you run an online web business, there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your project fail to make the money it should. It’s made even worse when you see some of the awful websites that are generating cash for fun.   There is a degree of luck involved. Of course, there is. Nonetheless, there is a reason for the fact your website isn’t commanding the level of revenue that you’d hoped for. The sooner you pinpoint the source, the sooner you can find a solution.   Here are three of the most common issues, and how you can fix them.  …

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    How I Generated N35,000 Sales In 24 Hours By Selling Problem Solving Products

    >>>Let Me Show You How to Make Money Online in 24 Hours<<< I am going to start this article by apologizing for being offline for the past 12 days or thereabout. Honestly, it’s not my making. I was hit once again by “an unstable hosting company”. I feel terrible that I have to go through this pain again.   And this happened barely 24 hours after I wrote a review about my former hosting company DTC Servers. For the past few months I used them, they have been good but for some reasons, they have completely shut down. Don’t make the same mistake I made, if you need a good…