Sitting in the office all day way up on the 10th floor can be really tiring. Even when you go on a break you simply have nowhere to go since buying a hotdog in the street hardly counts as going outdoors. What you really need in your office space is a balcony to spend leisure time in.


It can be customized to suit your needs as an employee so you can unwind outside, away from the stuffy office air. This could be a trend that other employees would follow and soon there would be a whole leisure zone at the balcony or on the roof.


Every reasonable employer would support such an initiative and actively seek ways to turn the balcony into a comfortable place to spend time in. In terms of detail, there are certain steps how to easily turn the balcony in your office into a fun place.


Introducing furniture

Most office balconies give out an impression of sterility because they are so empty. The balcony door, the walls, the railing; that is pretty much everything the balcony has, regardless of its size. You have to break this uniformity by taking the furniture outside. A couple of chairs and a coffee table and you have already changed the overall atmosphere entirely.


When we say “chairs,” we are not referring to those gloomy office ones. You should bring your own furniture or ask the employer to provide some. It should be completely different in design from the rest of the stock office furniture inside.


This way, every time you step onto the balcony you will feel as if you have left work and entered a lounging area. The colors of the furniture should be as vivid as possible, such as yellow, orange or bright green. Tables and chairs could be enriched by a beach chair or a bean bag here and there.



Introduce plants

There is no color more soothing for the human brain than the color green. The relaxing effect it has is best achieved through plants which are lusciously verdant. Besides the effect of tranquility, plants are a signal to the brain that you are outside.


We associate plants with outdoor space, meaning that both symbolically and literally, all our work stays behind us. Furthermore, plants produce oxygen that is necessary for us to function properly and more importantly, to be able to focus better. It is essential when we work long hours to get an important project delivered on time. In such instances, stepping outside into the garden-like area on the balcony can mean a world of difference.




Protection by awnings

One reason why you haven’t used the balcony for leisure activities until now is the weather. Since the balcony is located on the outside, it is exposed to the elements. Nobody can have fun outside in the rain, cold, snow or in the scorching heat.


The latter is especially problematic in Australia where it is nearly impossible for employees to stay outside during summer months. That is why installing commercial awnings in Sydney is more of a bare necessity than a luxury seen from the employer’s point of view. Awnings are usually retractable so they can be folded in during a storm so as to prevent damage.




Adding the lights

Awnings are not only good for creating shade, but they can act as support for lighting. Since you are sprucing up the balcony area, you would want to use it throughout day and night. The light coming from inside the office is often insufficient to light up the entire balcony. This is why there should be an outside light source as well.


This can be a single lamp mounted onto the wall, several lampposts that can be placed in all four corners of the balcony or even lanterns that will make your balcony glow red or orange. Besides the ambient importance, lights play an important safety role. No one should be allowed out on the balcony during night time because a slip of the foot could spell disaster. If you cannot provide adequate lighting, better keep the balcony door locked at night.



Decking the balcony

Stark-naked concrete is not that comfortable to tread upon. That is why you have to use some form of floor decking to make the whole area more pleasant to stay in.


The list of ideas is endless, ranging from artificial grass, wooden panels, all the way to soft rubber mats that can be seen in kindergartens. If they are good enough for kids to have fun on, then they are good enough for your office balcony. Basically, anything that you feel comfortable walking barefoot on would do.


Having a balcony in the office is an advantage that simply has to be used to your advantage. You and the other employees can spend your leisure time on the balcony as it is a shame to be stuck inside during the days when the weather outside is gorgeous.







Jessie is a passionate blogger and home designer. She loves writing about tips and tricks that make every home a better place, inside and outside. Besides this, she loves sports, outdoor activities and spending time with her close ones.




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