How to Make Money Online With Bet9ja


Strange I’m writing about this right? Let me share a bit of experience. A lot of people are making money from bet9ja! I’m sure you know about the app, but if you don’t let me break down the bet9ja money making strategy for you.


Bet9ja is a sport betting platform where you predict outcomes on different different sporting activities and you get paid. If you are a football lover, you may already know how to profit from this app. But if you are not, let me break down the process in simple terms.


The first thing you need to do is to register an account with Bet9ja. After you register, you’d be required to login to the back office with your username and password. After you login, you’d see different sporting options like soccer, hockey, Dog racing, Horse racing etc. For the purpose of this article, we’d focus on soccer.


Not a football lover? Don’t fret, I’m not so much into football either, I only just use my “Omo Igbo” brain to make the system work for me. See screenshot of what the back office looks like below:




What you see on the right hand side is the predictions I made, the values you see like 1.68, 2.12, 1.95 etc are odds that are allotted by bet9ja for each game. The odds multiplied by the amount you stake, plus the bonus the bookmarker would give to you will amount to your total winning. 


So for example if bet on just one game,let’s say Cardiff vs Leicester with odds of 2.12 and I stake N1,000. It means that if the game ends with 3 goals I’d make N2,120. Lest I forget, the over (2.5) means that there will be at least 3 goals in the match for me to get paid.


Other options to note on Bet9ja are over 0.5 which means there will at least be one goal, 3.5 means 4 goals, 4.5 means 5 goals etc. There are still options like under 1.5, under 2.5… It means they won’t  score up to 2 goals or 3 goals. If they happen to score, it means you’d lost.


You can either bet on straight wins (Home or Away), GG ( Goal Goal) which means both teams will score against each other. There are lots of options on the bet9ja app, but I usually just like to focus on either straight win and over 1.5 or 2.5. The best way to make money from betting is to have a strategy. 

You can visit the Bet9ja BLOG to learn more about the different betting options.


Most people accumulate a lot of games in order to get a lot of odds and play with N100. The thing about this kind of accumulation is that your chances of winning is slim. It’s true that some people have one millions on Bej9a by accumulating lots of games but it’s rare. The best thing is the pick a couple of games, just a few and play with N1,000 and above. 


For example, playing an accumulation of 50 odds with N1,000 will yield N50,000. Some other people just accumulate only 5 odds everyday and play with N5,000. If you do the mathematics, that is N25,000. But you have to be really good to do this. 


For non football followers, you can use free football prediction websites like Adibet to forecast your games. The guys at adibet are not 100% accurate, but at least they get up to 80% accuracy. All you need do is to look for the games Adibet have provided you with on the bet9ja app and place the best as directed. 


You can also do your own research by looking through the football matches available in a day and Googling both teams to see their past performance. With their performance, you can deduce what the outcome will be. Betting on bet9ja is really not a dependable way of making money because you can loose money. No game is sure… So bet wisely.


There are more dependable ways to make money online asides bet9ja and they are affiliate marketing, Blogging, Mini Importation, FOREX etc. Which of these money making business would you want me to write about? Drop your comments in the comment box.


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