How To Make Money Online Using Bitcoin

There are many new and exciting ways that you can earn extra money on the side by using Bitcoin. In this article, I will go through the most popular ways along with explaining the risks and rewards associated with each.



Bitcoin Faucets

If you want the lowest risk way of making money online using Bitcoin you should think about using BTC Faucets as a way of generating extra cash. They work by the user visiting faucet sites and entering a CAPTCHA code. Once the user completes this task they are awarded a small amount of Bits.



The amounts earned are very small but when you consider how much the price of the world’s first digital currency has risen since its start, within a few years you could have a considerable amount if you use Faucets on a regular basis. You could also save the crypto-currency earned to invest in other Bitcoin investments that will bring you in a higher return.



Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining is one of the best ways to build up a residue income which you do not have to carry out any actions to earn. It is high risk as if the price of BTC crashes it could result in the investment no longer been profitable therefore you would lose your investment.

If the price continues to its trend of the last three years though your initial investment could be paid off in as little as six months and the rest will be pure profits.



Bitcoin Forex Trading

It is now possible to use your Bitcoins to carry out forex trading on investment platforms such as BitPlutos. The returns are staggering as you can earn over 80% profit per trade but unless you have an understanding of currency markets and how they work, it is a high-risk strategy.

If you have the time to read about what things make currencies go up or down such as elections, GDP figures, conflicts etc you can make vast sums of money.



Bitcoin Casinos

Did you know that nearly 50% of all Bitcoin transactions are gambling related? The reason it is so popular gambling with crypto is there are many advantages for the players. There are zero transactions fees, instant withdrawals, and deposits along with provably fair gaming technology on the blockchain which provides the most transparent gambling systems in the world.



If you are going to bet at casinos that accept cryptocurrency, make sure you look out for Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonuses along with Free BTC Slots Spins. Both of these bonus rewards give players free money that they can use to try to win large sums of money gambling on the thousands of games available online.




You do not have to use any of the methods above to make money through Bitcoin as you could simply buy and hold the currency long-term. If the experts are correct then over the next 20 years it BTC could become one of the most valuable assets on the planet.




Daniel Kay is a guest post writer for and in his free time like to explore all the different ways to make money online. Over the years he has built up a following who use his strategies to make extra cash on the side.

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