How Blockchain-Based Online Gaming Works


How Blockchain-Based Online Gaming Works



Simply, blockchain tech is composed of interlinked network neutralities that form a chain. The tech behind this chain ensures that the interconnected blocks carry the correct values before any record passes. A practical example of how blockchain tech works would be; a spreadsheet that duplicates hundreds of times instantly across a network of computers.


The network updates the spreadsheet regularly showing the same results in every computer on the link. It’s powered to have the entire network chain carry the correct value across thus ensuring neutrality and fairness. Casinos that employ blockchain tech are decentralized; they take out the third party element guaranteeing that users operate on a fair, safe, and secure platform.


Decentralized Casino vs. Traditional Casino


Traditional online casino games work together with financial gateways (third parties) who facilitate deposit and withdrawal transactions. Other than passing the hefty transactional fees to the users, they are always rigged to favor the house stealing from the gamblers.


Blockchain Casino games work completely differently and there are lots of different types. The best sites are listed at along with in depth reviews should you wish to discover the most popular smart contract titles.


Blockchain casinos have come in to rectify this anomaly, by taking out the need to use go-betweens replacing them with a network of blocks that charge very minimal to no transactional fees and uses the tech to carry out the authentication.


Unlike online slots that only use bitcoins for deposits and withdrawals, blockchain casinos use numerous payment methods including various cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies. The withdrawn funds can be deposited into users’ accounts in their preferred currency within minutes after the process is executed. When it comes to anonymity, blockchain casinos are the best.


The tech uses code to deposit funds into players anonymous payment wallet addresses making it difficult for anyone to trace the transactions. Traditional online slots are not as private as decentralized casinos; they demand that punters give out their personal information including banking and home address info.


Why Blockchain Games Are The Best Game To Play


First, the whole chain in the decentralized blockchain casinos remove the controlling power from one user and ensures that each network in the chain has the same info before executing any transaction.


It’s impossible to cheat on decentralized platforms since no user controls higher stakes than the rest. The system ensures there is zero data manipulation thus taking out any fraud.


Gamblers have higher odds in blockchain casinos because there are no third parties involved in the transactions and cannot game the system to favor the casinos. Having similar records existing all through the vast chain makes it impossible to hack decentralized casinos which use complex algorithms to update the network regularly and in real-time.  


FunFair casinos that are fully decentralized also include a random number generation (RNG) software that makes it possible for gamblers to verify the randomness of their gaming thus boosting trust and fairness.


Finally, blockchain tech can stretch the distribution and division of the jackpot amounts. It means each betting activity can be brought down to an individual capacity where the gambler can transfer or receive funds into their operational accounts without involving third-parties.




It’s now easy to see why the introduction of decentralized casinos is disrupting the gambling industry. By running a hack proof tech and platform, decentralized casinos also take out the need of an intermediary thus improving trust and fairness!.


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