Cash For Your Passion: Taking Your Blog To The Next Level


Perhaps you’ve been blogging as a hobby for a while, and have started to be contacted by sponsors about paid work. This is always great, earning money doing something you love is the dream.

However it does get you thinking of what you can do to increase these opportunities, and how you can potentially make a decent income from your blog.

In order to do this, there are a few things you can do to take it to the next level. Here’s how you can go about it.


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Improve Your Domain Authority

One of the things sponsors will be looking at when deciding if they want to work with you is your domain authority. This is a metric used to show how influential your site is on the web. It’s based on a number of factors (some out of your control) however there are things you can do to boost this.


The first is removing any broken links from your site, a broken link checker will highlight these for you so you can manually remove them.

The second is getting backlinks onto other good quality websites. You can do this by asking other bloggers if you can guest post on their site, and including a link back to your own blog.

Invest in a Good Camera and Computer

As a hobby, blogging is relatively cheap. However if you’re serious about making money from it, it pays to invest in the right equipment.

A good DSLR camera will allow you to take high quality snaps which will draw in a reader and really show what it is you’re writing about. If you blog about products and write reviews, you will need excellent clear pictures of the products in question.


If you blog about lifestyle, gorgeous lifestyle snaps will bring your words to life and help your readers connect with you.

If you’re new to DSLR photography, there are lots of courses from one day to full higher education qualifications that you can take on to improve. A fast computer will allow you to quickly edit pictures and perform all of the other tasks you need to do as a blogger.


From writing up posts to connecting with others on social media and more without being held back by lagging technology. These costs can be expensive but could help you achieve your goal of becoming a professional blogger.

You could consider getting a loan, if you’re wondering where can I get a personal loan your best bet is to do some research online first to get the best deals. Once your blog takes off, this will pay for itself.

Work With a Web Designer

Blogs have come a long way in the past few years. No longer do you see amateurish designs, these days many have stunning magazine style templates that look crisp, clean and professional.

Sponsors have the option of working with just about any blog, so if you want yours to stand a chance you need to be on par with your competition.

Work with a web designer or purchase a blog template so your site looks its best. Content is king, but aesthetics are very important too so don’t overlook this.

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