Brands Are Failing At Blogger Outreach

The Pitfalls Of Outreaching To The Blogging Community

Many brands are failing at blogger outreach, which is a critical promotion technique. Learn how to effectively connect with webmasters and build your audience.

Many digital agencies have realised the power that the blogging community can provide for brand awareness and engagement. Bloggers are influencers of their extremely loyal audiences and they attract numbers that can rival many corporate sites. Therefore, an article or review on a popular blog can help to quickly spread the word about a new product, start-up or promotion.


Bloggers are contacted on a daily basis with requests for guest articles, backlinks or reviews. However, so many of these emails are ignored or dismissed because brands are failing at blogger outreach.


What is Blogger Outreach?

Before we continue, a quick definition – blogger outreach is simply the process of contacting blog owners to see if they are interested in publishing guest posts or sponsored posts. Many websites are happy to publish content from another blogger, although a vast majority are not!


Blogger outreach is a very time consuming task that requires a solid understanding of the digital community. Outreach is usually done by email, although some success can come from making telephone calls or chatting with webmasters at digital marketing conferences.


Content Relevancy

One of the biggest traps that brands fall into is choosing the wrong type of blog to engage with. Content marketers often contact popular sites which benefit from a strong page rank and visitor numbers.

Whilst these aspects are important and should certainly be taken into consideration, it is essential that the site is in a complementary niche to your own.

The site’s visitors are the target audience you wish to engage with, so it is in your brand’s best interests to ensure that they are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.


No-one will know their audience better than the blog’s webmaster. Therefore take the time to read through recent and archived articles on their blog to ensure that you come up with content suggestions that are highly relevant to their audience. If you try to promote your stationery store on a yoga blog, then your outreach efforts will be ignored.


Provide Value

It is the job of outreach employees to promote the brand that they are working for. Yet many make the mistake of believing that they can do so for free. Social media and SEO are both excellent tools for organically expanding the audience of a brand site, but bloggers are not a free method of promotion and should be compensated.


They have spent their own time and effort building up an audience that your brand considers to be of value. Therefore it stands to reason that they should be provided with something in return for promoting your business. Often the reward needs to be financial, but free products or social shares can sometimes persuade a blogger to do business with you. Outreach communication will fail if you don’t have a budget signed off for such promotions.


Honesty and Personalisation

Bloggers are pretty savvy and are not easy to trick into doing business, so outreach specialists should be honest and personable in all communications with webmasters. Bloggers know why you want to publish an article, so don’t beat about the bush, if anything, pretending that you just want to share some great news will put off a blogger.


Many bloggers will not take kindly to an RE: in the subject line when they’re aware that it’s not a reply chain email. It is also important not to pretend that you’re a recent graduate looking for writing experience in the form of a guest article. Instead, simply be upfront and honest about the reason for your communication.

Compliment the site owner on their content and put forward your outreach proposal with a clear message as to how your brand, the blog and most importantly the audience of the blog will all benefit from this connection.


When outreach is carried out correctly, it can have spectacular results for your brand, so spend some time planning and personalising your outreach messages before hitting the ‘Send’ button.

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Danny Hall is a co-director for the well-established digital marketing agency, FSE Online.

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