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One of the big bonuses of establishing passive blogging income streams while I circle the globe is that I literally make money while I sleep.

As I pass out here in Thailand, folks from all over the globe can page through and purchase my:


Building service based income streams – like freelance writing and blog coaching – is a viable way to earn coin online but service based income channels are both time and energy intensive. You are still trading time for money if the income earning depends on your bodily presence.



If however you create a course or self-publish eBooks and audio books, these passive streams can make you money while you’re on the beach, chilling with your family at a local restaurant or while you’re fast asleep.

Establish these 3 passive blogging income streams to boost your cash flow while you’re enjoying your internet lifestyle offline.





1: Create Online Courses While Blogging

Create online courses through sites like teachable.com to earn coin through blogging.

If you have knowledge of your niche simply package the knowledge as an online course.

Most sites allow you to create video, audio and text lessons for an enriching student learning experience.



My 11 Fundamentals of Successful Blogging Course is full on audio. But How to Get Featured on World Famous Blogs is a medly of video, audio and text.

Create robust courses to solve pressing problems. Dissolve anxiety or limiting beliefs around course creating mental blocks by buying 1 or 2 and modeling your course after these offerings.


I talked myself out of publishing online courses for years until I finally chose to jump into the course creating fray a few years ago. I have not looked back, with 4 courses in my arsenal. Although I am due for a new course soon.



2: Write and Self Publish eBooks

Write and self publish eBooks for Amazon via kdpselect.com to help your readers while earning blogging income.

I wrote and self-published 124 eBooks on Amazon – and 2 on Selz – to capitalize on this prospering income stream.

Open a Word document. Brainstorm eBook ideas. Create an outline. Break down chapters by sub section. Write your eBook.



Aim for 6,000 to 15,000 words to fit into Amazon’s 30 to 45 minute read category. No need to self-publish the next War and Peace. Create something helpful, filled with practical tips to help your readers solve pressing problems.


I wrote and self-published an eBook daily for 3 months straight while living in Bali in 2015. Easy way to establish a passive income stream while leveraging my blogging presence on Amazon.

Follow these tips to write, format and self-publish your eBook.



3: Self Publish Audio Books

Convert your eBooks into audio books via acx.com to open a passive income stream.

I’ve only converted 30 of my 126 eBooks to audio book. Due for some more converting.


Upload your eBook via PDF file. Producers try out for the speaking role by auditioning with a short snippet of your eBook. Find a match. The producer records the audio book. You confirm the audio book after they finish the job. Split revenue from sales on audible, iTunes and Amazon.


More people listen to audio books than ever these days. Busy bees, they are. Offer something to digest via audio while people commute to work, watch the kids around the house or work out.


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