The best businesses are often the oldest ones. They must have been doing something right to survive for so many years. Managing to keep interest in a product for that long indicates that there you have something brilliant there. But that isn’t enough to keep a business alive for that long. If you don’t update your business practices, you will get left behind and your business will go under.



Even though you might like the way that you do things, it’s dangerous to use out of date practices. Other businesses will be reluctant to deal with you if your systems aren’t compatible with theirs, and consumers will view you as an out of touch company and they won’t remember you. If you think your business could do with a bit of a revamp, here are some ways you can bring it into the twenty-first century.











Using Checks

I needed a check a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t until then that I realized I didn’t even have a checkbook and getting one from the bank was a hassle. People are starting to move away from using cash, let alone checks.

Asking customers to pay you with a check will be a pain for them, especially if your competitors are offering quick card payments online. You need to introduce online payments, almost every company has them these days. Keep the system in place for checks, but you should only use it if a customer specifically requests it.



Time Clocks

A clocking in machine makes me think of old factories in the 50’s, not a modern business enterprise. Get rid of it right now and replace it with something more up to date.

Call in some IT consultants to help you put things in place. They can install a program that allows your employees to clock in from their laptops or phones and this information can then be transferred straight over to accounts so they no longer have to manually add up everybody’s hours and work out their wages.




Hopefully, you’ve moved on from paper bookkeeping by now. If you haven’t you really need to. Even if you have, you’re probably still doing it manually on excel.

While you might think you’re very modern because you’re doing it on a computer, even this is still outdated. Now there’s software that does all of the hard work for you. Applications like Quickbooks are very simple to use and they can automatically do all of the tasks that you would normally be doing yourself.



Scheduling Shifts

It’s a real pain when you’ve just finished writing out everybody’s schedule and somebody pops their head round your door and tells you that they need to move some shifts around. The rota goes in the bin and you have to start all over again.


It’s also annoying when people can’t remember what days they’re working and keep asking you every five minutes. You don’t have to deal with any of that if you just get some scheduling software. You’ll be able to easily create schedules on the computer or on your phone and all of your employees can access it remotely.






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