2 Reasons Why Your Business Will Dwindle Without Advertising


Without advertising, nobody will know or hear about your products or services! Have you ever seen a business owner import some merchandise and store it in his garage? Hello No!


Advertising is the life blood of every business. The reason why big brands, even Coca-Cola keeps advertising is because they want to continuously remind you about their products. When you keep seeing their adverts, you’d crave to grab a bottle of cold Cola 🙂


They even started advertising more and branding by printing people’s names on their pet bottles at some point:


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Basically, the concept of advertising works on the premise that “the more targeted people see your products, the more sales you will make”.

You can see I had to emphasize on the word “targeted”. If you show your products to the wrong audience, then you will waste a lot of money on advertising.


You can’t pitch a hair care product to someone whose immediate problem is to lose weight! On the 9th of November 2016, Donald J Trump emerged the president of the United States of America.

How did he do it? He knew his audience and he spoke directly to their needs. Let me not go into political talks now, but I’m sure you get the message!


“In this article, you will discover the 2 major reasons why your business will dwindle without advertising and what you can do to make your business boom with more sales”



Reason 1: You Will Never Be Seen Or Heard

If Coca-Cola had produced a run of the non-alcoholic beverage and stashed them somewhere in the factory without talking about them, I’m sure today the company would be nothing to write home about.


My kid Sister called me up sometime to complain that she’s unable to sell of most of her items and I asked her “Are you advertising your products”, she said urh well, yeah we have it listed on Konga.


I had to explain to her that even though Konga helps with some kind of advertising; the problem is that there are lots of other merchants selling similar or same items.

So if she wanted her product to be seen by more people, she would need to advertise to get her products in the eyes of those people who need or want them.


Reason 2: You’d Struggle To Make Sales

When Konga started in Nigeria, they spent quite a lot of money on advertising. Before they started accepting merchants to sell on their platform, they sold only their own products.


They realized that in order to make sales, they have to spend money on advertising. If you don’t advertise, you will not make money!

Most business people still do not understand this; when you tell them to spend money on Facebook Ads, they feel that they are throwing money away.


But they fail to realize that it’s a numbers game. How?

Let’s say you set up a paid campaign for your product on a $10 (N4000) per day budget on Facebook, if you are making a profit of N2,000 per product then you only need two sales to cover for the cost of the Ad.


If you sell 10 items per day, then it means you have made N20,000 for that day, when you subtract the N2,000 for Ads, you have a profit of N16, 000. If you don’t advertise, you will not make a sale.


IF you have products to sell and don’t know how to sell, it’s wise to invest in some kind of advertising. There are several medium of advertising; the internet has made it even easier to advertise. You can advertise via the following medium:


  1. Fliers
  2. Internet/Social Media
  3. Bill Board
  4. Word of Mouth
  5. Referral
  6. Church Bulletin
  7. Newspaper


Before you spend money on any of the afore-listed advertising medium, it’s important to understand your target market.

If I want to advertise a weight loss product, I’d quickly head over to Facebook because I can target people who have this problem.


Let Me Share Me Latest Experience With Advertising Online:

I set up a 7 day campaign for a hair loss product on one of the classified websites and discovered I wasn’t getting calls or messages to request for the product. I had paid for a “Top Ad” so it was expected that I should receive inquiries at least.


After two days, still no call or message, I knew something was wrong! I went back to the Ad to observe what the problem was and I discovered that the image I used was very big and only part of it was visible to the viewers.


Secondly, I looked through the products in the same category and discovered someone was selling a similar product for a lesser price. I immediately resized my image and dropped my price a bit and BOOM! I got 2 orders almost immediately!


Lesson: When you sell the right products to the right people with the right sales copy, image and the right price you will make sales.


If you are a serious business person, then you should consider investing part of your money in advertising. The more targeted people you can reach out to with your advertising campaign, the higher your chances of making sales.



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I got to go now.

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