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I woke up this morning exhausted with dark patches underneath my eyes. I managed to log in to the Facebook ” Sell Your Brain Society” created by my friend Ronald Nzimora and I was found a post he published and decided to share it on here with his permission.


Please read as I am very sure you’d learn a lot from it. I did learn something ** Deep Smiles *** … Read On!



Shift Or Die


As a business person, what are you doing? Are you adapting to new ways of doing business or are you sticking to what you already know and already do?

The picture below is an advert run in 1915, by the Ed. Klein company, one of the biggest horse sellers in the USA, to dissuade people from buying the new cars built by Henry Ford.




By year 2000, my Dad was one of the biggest importers of telecommunications equipment – cables, etc. He sold to NITEL and other companies. When GSM came, I begged him to buy an MTN distributorship for a mere =N=2 million and switch.


He refused saying GSM was a fad. 5 years later, his business was wiped out. He was forced to switch but no longer into the GSM side. The opportunities there had been taken, and we watched it make the takers 1,000 times richer than the old telecommunication NITEL guys.



In Nigeria, and around the world, taxi unions are protesting against Uber and hotels unions are fighting AirBnB.

What’s happening to these guys? They rebelled against innovation, feared it, even in some cases, fought it.

And they still lost.



In 1998, I opened my first email address (it’s the same one I still use now.) My username aikay77 was a combination of how I stylishly wrote my native name and a reminder for Festac where I lived then.


When I saw the internet, I KNEW it was going to take the world by storm. I didn’t know how, but I knew. Today, what the internet has birthed has blow my mind more than a billion times. Because of it, I am not working in a Mr Biggs shop selling food.


Why am I telling you this today?

Shift, innovate or you will die.

Those who ignore changes in technology, DIE!

Those who fight shifts in their industry, DIE!

Those who fight consumer bbehavior DIE!


It doesn’t matter how much they fight, how long they beef and how much they hate, they can never win. They can only delay the inevitable.

When a new technology comes up, embrace it. learn how it works. Watch what the people you respect do. I used to be leery about crypto-currency. Now, seeing that Richard Branson’s and Grant Cardone’s companies accept BitCoin as payment, I am now learning about it.



Richard is a billionaire. Grant is worth $350 million. If they think BitCoin is useful, then I have no business arguing about it. It’s my duty to investigate it and see if I should copy them.

When there’s a shift in consumer behavior, you had better adapt to that shift or your business will die.



We are spending about =N=2 million to build ourselves a video studio. Why are we doing this? Because we have seen there is a current shift inside the internet business space. Video is ruling
now. Periscope. Facebook LIVE. Instagram Stories. Snapchat moments.


That’s why a little girl Emmanuella has a YouTube channel with millions of views.

That’s why people now watch sales videos rather than read long ass salesletters.

That’s why a new musician with a hit song doesn’t need a music label anymore to blow up big time.

Because internet data is getting cheaper and cheaper, and smartphones are getting faster, and more popular.



All this is shifting attention to video. Which is why Linda Ikeji stared her own studio. Speaking of Linda, why is her blog the number one gossip blog int he country instead of City People magazine. Because City People slept on making the shift to the internet.


Attention is the currency of the internet.

ATTENTION means, how many people are listening to you? Watching you? Interacting with you?

How large is your audience? Are you building it? On how many social media platforms are you on?

If you have attention, you will get money. That’s the newest secret today of the internet age. Yesterday we sold nearly 500 books.



Are you MAJORLY using the internet to drive your business, 99% of the time? If your answer is no, you’re like the people who placed this 1915 horse advert.


YouTube is the new TV.

Podcasts is the new RADIO.

Blogs are the new NEWSPAPER.

Instagram is the new PHOTO ALBUM




Periscope/FB Live is the new LIVE BROADCASTING CHANNEL!



All of this make up a billion dollar media company. Before, it would cost at least 5 billion naira to build
a media company because you needed to get a license and but the equipment.

Today, you can do it all for FREE. Zero. All you need is willingness.



And please you don’t need to spend =N=2 million to build a studio like me. I just wanted to use fancy equipment. You already have what you need, your smartphone. Simply buy a tripod, and boom, you’re on.

There’s a shift happening and only those take advantage will win long term. Excuses won’t suffice. And you will regret it in 5 years time if you don’t take this advice today.


If you want to learn how to take advantage of the shift, get my book, “Sell Your Brain” here:

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Have a great Friday.

Ronald “Chief BRAINiac” Nzimora

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