When Business And Style Collide: The Importance Of An Inspirational Workspace


Do you spend every day staring at the same four walls struggling for motivation? Are you guilty of clock watching? Do you do the bare minimum because you can’t muster up the enthusiasm to make more effort? If so, your workspace could be to blame. Of course, there may be other factors.


You may be bored of doing the same old tasks. You might be tired or under the weather. But often, an uninspiring workspace can take its toll on your creativity and drive. If you’re a business owner looking for office or studio space, here are some tips to help you get the best out of your team.


Think carefully about location

Location should be an essential consideration for every employer. Before you sign any agreements, have a look around at what’s available. Think before you act. Is the location practical? Will it work or your business and your employees? It’s all very well having a beautifully-designed office. But if it’s miles from the nearest tube station or bus stop, it’s not worth considering.


You don’t want your workforce turning up disillusioned each day because they’ve trekked to work in the pouring rain. Opt for somewhere close to the action, which is within easy reach of transport links. It’s not just beneficial for your employees to be at the heart of a town or city. It’s also good for business. You can arrange meetings easily, and certain addresses carry gravitas.


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Look for potential

If you’re buying office space, rather than renting, look for potential. A run-down warehouse may seem like an odd pace to try and build a business. But think about the opportunities for development. With the right creative input and budget management, you could create a stylish and functional workspace. You could also increase the value of the premises significantly.


There’s a tendency to design practical spaces, which often look mundane. With a healthy dose of imagination, you can design a unique office, in which people will be proud to work. You could turn that former warehouse into a chic block. Think exposed brick walls, industrial staircases, and trendy modern lighting. For more ideas, why not pay a visit to sites like https://uk.pinterest.com/explore/modern-office-design/?


If you’re working on a project and you need workspace in the meantime, hiring a virtual service may be an option worth considering. This way you have a physical business address without additional overheads. Check out sites like hoxtonmix.com for ideas.


Pay attention to detail

When it comes to establishing a creative space, the importance of detail shouldn’t be underestimated. Dotting a few plants here and there or adding framed quotes to the wall will make all the difference.


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Business facilities don’t have to be boring. The more inspiring your workplace, the happier and more productive your workforce. If you’re planning a move or launching a startup, bear both style and practicality in mind. Be original, and have fun with the design process. You’ll be reaping the rewards of your hard work in no time.

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