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The one thing that every business relies on is technology. You cannot escape it. Electronic billboards and signage are the new upgrade from paper posters. Thousands of jobs have been created off the back of the technological uprising, as well as college degrees that are purely computing based.


It’s because of this change in technology that more businesses are created every single day. The reliance on technology from companies is not necessarily a bad one, as with the development of new technological advances comes opportunities for businesses to expand.



business website

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One of the biggest parts of a business doing well is dependent on their company website. Now, if your company doesn’t have a company website, you’re already going wrong. There are plenty of small and local companies who have been established in their communities for years and it’s due to this they don’t actually need a website to fall back on for security, social media reach and growth.



The thing is, there are a lot less small high street companies than there are those that are online, and so you need to ensure your company website is constantly updated.

No customer wants to click on a company webpage and be met with a badly thought out monstrosity from a decade ago. It’s been a long time since a one-page website was sufficient for customer engagement and it’s because of this that you should be looking at how you can keep your company website as fresh as possible.



Your company website is a vital part of building your brand and your image as a company. Customers who work late or work nights can log in at any time of day to get the shopping they need, or search the service they want. This means that your website has you on call 24/7 and this is what people want. In a world of instant gratification, knowing that you are reachable on the terms of a customer is satisfying and offers a feeling of safety.



There are many elements of a website that a company needs to keep as fresh as possible and if you are embarking on a website relaunch, then there are some things you need to know to get the best out of it. We’ve put together five tips that you can pick from to make sure you can get as much as you can out of the money you spent redesigning and relaunching, so read carefully!



business website


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Always know your goals. Do you want your website to have the best Google rankings? Do you want to be able to engage customers with a live chat available 12 hours a day? Do you want to see your name at the top of the listings online? If that’s the case, you have to be able to erase all the cached pages from your original and outdated website so that you can be bumped up the listings and let Google and other search engines have snapshots of your new website.



You can read in more detail here about how to get rid of that outdated info so that you can make your goals more of a reality. You need to be able to know the purpose of your website and what you want it to do for your business so that you can utilize it the best way.

Measuring the success of your website against the goal performance you have predicted is a crucial way to ensure that you are meeting the goals you set for yourself.



Is your website usable? The user experience of your company website is going to define whether you actually manage to get any customers. You could have the best speeds on the internet and be the most upgraded business website in all the internet land with lights and bells and whistles. But if your customers cannot use the site then none of that matters.


Your sitemap should be easily available to customers and clients alike, and you should have a website that has a very easy readability so that people don’t get confused and go elsewhere. Everything on your website from the navigation to the design should be person centered for ease of use.


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When you launch your website, you need to think about the content. A lot of companies type up some blurb for people to understand but if it isn’t in plain English and takes too long to ‘get’, then they’ll go elsewhere.


You can read more detailed articles like this one about how website content can define your success as a business, but really your content has to be engaging. It has to have charm and be updated regularly as your company evolves to stay fresh. You should be starting a company blog so that people get a feel for your business personality. It’s not simple, but it is the best way to engage people!


Everything about the internet is based on what you see. It’s a very visual experience and if your company website is all boring and plain text with block colours, then you won’t be able to give people the experience that they need.

Images should be photographed professionally rather than pulled from search engines and badly placed. Your photographs and designs should be optimised for the internet so that people can find them visually appealing.


business website

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When you are relaunching and redesigning your website, you have to think about the mobile user. With almost everyone having either a smartphone or tablet, you need to ensure you create a mobile version of your site, or even a business app!


You can read here about why this is important, but you should ensure that people don’t get impatient and give up trying to use a website that isn’t optimised for the latest smartphones. Yes, this takes time, effort and money, but all these things are absolutely worth it for your company to flourish and do better.

The company website could be your most important tool for growth – don’t skimp on getting it right!


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