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You’ve Made a Business Website… But Is It Any Good? Find Out Now

business website



You probably already know that a website is extremely important for any business. It’s pretty much the best marketing tool you’re ever going to have. Your website, combined with your social media presence, could make you or break you.



Needless to say, there are a lot of mistakes you could make. Your website has to perform a certain set of functions effectively. We’re going to take a look at the things your website should be doing. You should be able to answer all these questions and design things accordingly!




business website





What industry are you in?

I’m hoping that you can answer this question fairly quickly! The kind of work you do is going to determine precisely how you should go about this. Your entire online presence needs to be tailored to fit with your business model.



There are specific web design and social media techniques for restaurants, for example. There will be different ones for game developers. Different ones for retailers. Always keep it in mind!



Who’s coming to your website?


Some of you may answer with a simple “web users!”. Sorry, but that’s simply not specific enough. You need to know exactly who the people coming to your website are.



I’m not saying you need the personal details of everyone who visits. But you should know some basic demographic information. The average age of your visitors, for example, may determine what kind of content you should upload.





business website





What do my customers need to know?

So what is a visitor to your website likely to desire? And what related information are they going to need? If you work in retail, then they’re going to need information about the products on sale. If you sell construction materials, then they will need to know sizes and specifications.



If your business is a restaurant, they’ll need allergy information as well as steps for booking. Your customers are at your website because they want to know something. Make sure you give that knowledge to them.




business website





What’s the money-making process?

This, again, is going to be different from industry to industry. But you have to remember that all business websites can be judged against a formula. How much money does the average visit bring to your business? You may think this is only relevant if you’re actually selling something directly from your website.


But let’s say, again, that your business is a restaurant. Your website probably won’t sell anything directly. But if a user goes on to be a paying customer at your restaurant? Then that’s a successful conversion. Figure out how your website will make you money, then refine it.



business website




What should your visitors be doing?

Getting money from all those visits is the ultimate goal, right? But it’s not as if that money is going to get into your pocket as soon as a visitor ends up on your website.



You need to break down that whole process into manageable chunks. From those pieces, you can set up short-term goals. Think of everything that a visitor must do, and could possibly do, between visiting and giving you money. You need to make sure that each step is streamlined and simple.

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