If you intend to buy a car for at least 500k cheaper for personal use or just maybe you want to learn how to profit at least N500,000 per car from the automobile business, then this information is for you.


Sometime last year, precisely in October 2018; I wanted to buy a Car (FORD SUV) to compensate myself for the hard work I did during the year, I needed to gift myself honestly!


I’d worked so hard that my Toyota Corolla was already crying for freedom. If you see the car, you self go pity am! So I checked online and the least price I could get for the FORD SUV was N3,500,000.

ford edge


I was about to place an order when I remembered my good old friend Shina. A very humble guy from back in the days. I remembered vividly that I’d seen him post a couple of very neat Tokunbo cars on his Facebook timeline.


I said to myself, why should I buy from someone else when I have a friend I can buy from. Quickly, I picked up my phone and called him, “Shina Baba”, how far bros? I dey bro, he responded… This one wey you remember your boy today, I hope I’m safe?



We both laughed and after the pleasantries, I asked him if he had the Ford SUV I wanted, he said he didn’t have it but could get it for me in 5 weeks for a good price. He gave me a break down and I made a part payment of N1,496,000.


Shina updated me on every step he took at any point in time. By the time the Car got to Nigeria and was cleared, I calculated all the monies spent and it totaled N2,700,000. Whao I exclaimed, is this how much  you guys make?



The same car I was going to buy for N3,500,000, Shina got it for me at N2,700,000 thereby helping me save a whooping N800,000. I gave him N150,000 for the job well done just to say thank you, I know he wouldn’t have done this for me if we were not that close.


I was curious about how Shina was able to pull this whole stunt from his mobile phone. I know there are hundreds of people like me who’d find the information very useful, so I persuaded him to document the whole process.


Grudgingly, he agreed to reveal his secrets! He told me the 5 simple steps guaranteed to save you at least N500,000 on your new car and they are:


Step 1: Find the car you want on any of the 2 special websites he will introduce you to. These two websites always have tens of thousands of cars listed everyday at very special prices


Step 2: Research your car

Find the best car on sale for the lowest possible price. The cheapest price doesn’t always mean the best deal. He’ll show you a unique way to select the best quality cars for the best lower prices possible.


Step 3: Investigate the Car You Want to Buy

Before you ever pay for any car, you will need to get an 18-point report car health report from the USA National Car Database, an independent government body.


These reports are not from the car seller or dealer so it cannot be forged, or altered or manipulated. Don’t ever pay without this report.


Step 4: Pay For Your Choice Car, Plus Shipping

After the inspection, you can purchase the car. When you purchase the car online at a good price, you inform the shipping company online.


The shipping company will send a driver to go and pick up the car from the auction site to the nearest port where the car will be shipped to Nigeria.


Step 5: Have Your Car Delivered and Take Possession

After you make the payment, your car will be delivered to the Tin-Can Wharf in Lagos within 5-6 weeks at most.

When this happens, he will introduce you to the exact customs official and agent who will help you with clearing at the cheapest possible price.


Imagine being able to get your car for at least N500,000 cheaper?

Imagine buying and selling a car for N500,000 or more profit on just one car?

Whether you want to buy a car for personal use or you want to buy and sell, this SPECIAL REPORT is for you!

Shina only revealed part of the process, if you want to get more info about the websites and know how to successfully go through the process of buying a tokunbo car from the UNITED STATES, then CLICK HERE TO GET HIS SECRET MANUAL




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