• freelancer

    What Do You Really Need to Get Started as a Home-Based Freelancer?

    link   Sick of being stuck in the rat race? Want to work a job you love, and from the comfort of your home? We live in an age where it’s perfectly possible to do so, if you’re planning it there here’s what you need to get started.   A quiet place to work When you’re working from home, it’s easy to think that you have plenty of places to work from. Your bed, your sofa and your dining room table all might spring to mind. But do this, and you’ll quickly find that the boundaries between work and home become blurred.     You end up feeling like you’re…

  • entrepreneur

    Living The Entrepreneurial Dream

    Whether you’re a solopreneur or you’re still employed by someone else, there are times when working for yourself seems like the dream and more often than not, it is. Setting your own rules, earning your own money for you and not a faceless corporation can be amazing. But it’s not without its downsides and in this blog we take a look at a few issues you might want to consider before swapping life in the cubicle for just you and your laptop.   You’ll worker harder and for longer Not necessarily what you might want to hear but certainly for those initial few months you’re going to have to put…

  • mobile app

    How Mobile App Development Can Boost Small Businesses

      Today, user activity is rapidly shifting from print media to smart media. Here, we are talking about those small businesses that are planning to retreat to the mobile app.   While the decision is absolutely in line with the current scenario in the market, there is constant pressure on businesses to meet user demands. This is fairly considered to be achieved by having a presence across all possible channels.     Source: Apogaeis   Despite the size of any business, the agenda remains the same; i.e. to be available with customers all the time and meet their demands eventually. Other than this, it’s also important to stay up front…

  • gardening

    Using Imagination to Start a Successful Gardening Business from Your House

    Gardening is often perceived merely as a hobby that excludes any possibility of profit. However, there is money to be made in starting a garden without taking away the pleasure of relaxing in the comfort of your backyard. This is actually one of the main entrepreneurial advantages gardening has over other businesses.   Not only will you be making money but you will actually enjoy working in the garden. In case you are wondering how to start a successful gardening business from the comfort of your own home, here some pieces of advice. Just don’t forget that imagination, apart from being ready to take risks, is the key ingredient to…