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    How to Make Yourself an ATM Machine – Back to Basics!

    I’m sure you are familiar with an ATM machine; it’s that metal box mostly installed outside the banking hall that churns out instant CASH.   The machine was designed to make banking transactions easier. So instead of walking into the “jam-packed banking hall” to withdraw cash, you just insert your card into the ATM machine, punch in “the required numbers” and voila… It spills out cash!   Just imagine for a second, what if you can “churn out cash“ on demand? Like you can just push some buttons like you do on the ATM and money starts rolling into your bank account on complete autopilot!   You know it’s possible…

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    6 Things To Think About When Choosing A Warehouse For Your Business

    Many businesses, especially smaller ones, and contractors do not have enough space at their own premises to store and send out their products, and so need to look for external warehousing companies to provide this service.   There can be an awful lot to take into consideration when choosing a warehouse, as it may be one of your more significant expenses. Here, we look at a few things that you need to think about before you sign a contract with a warehouse.   Photo credit     1) They have space that is appropriate for your business needs This, of course, is an absolute basic necessity. There is no point…

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    How To Successfully Run A Mobile Business

    Unlike a regular business, a mobile business is constantly on the move to make their customers lives easier. Whether you’re a hairdresser that visits your clients homes to do their hair, or you’re a distribution company that needs to cart deliveries here, there, and everywhere, it’s important to clue yourself up on how to make sure that you’re doing things properly. So, we’ve compiled a quick guide on how to successfully run a mobile business.   Photo by Charles Deluvio 🇵🇭🇨🇦 on Unsplash Keep communication flowing One of the biggest problems you’ll face when running a mobile business is that you and any other staff members are not able to…

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    How to Make Money By Selling Shoes Online

    Christmas is just around the corner and thousands of people have started shopping for the season. Do you know you can make money by selling shoes online? Yeah, people are buying shoes heavily on the internet, Jumia and Konga websites are buzzing with lots of traffic, owing also to the “Black Friday” deals.   Do you want to know how to make money by selling shoes online? Then read this article as I take you through a simple process. There are different categories of shoes; there are shoes for the “middle class people” and there are shoes for the “rich and prestigious” people. You need to know which group of…

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    8 Home Office Hacks to Get You Organised

      Organisation is one of the major factors that affect productivity. Keeping your home office neatly organised, clean and tidy will make it more enjoyable and inspiring, which will have a positive effect on your mood and work efficiency.   However, sometimes it’s difficult to get organised, especially if you have piles of papers and clutter lying around and you don’t know where to start. Luckily, there are numerous organisation hacks that will help you turn your office into a hub of productivity and creativity.   Keep your home office clutter-free First things first, there’s no room for clutter in your office. Clutter can make your office seem small, disorganised…

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    How to Create Your Optimal Work Environment

      A work environment is an important issue that all employers should take seriously. It can boost the productivity of your employees and be beneficial for their mood and motivation. Also, the work environment you establish will affect your clients and customers thus it may help you create a loyal brand following.   Sometimes the changes don’t have to be big, but simple things that will make your employees and you to work in a more comfortable setting. Therefore, here are some suggestions on how to create an optimal work environment at your company and enjoy the benefits it brings.   Arrange the lights Lighting is important since it will…

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    How to Boost Your Office’s Productivity

      The place where you spend most of your time impacts your mood in the same way the place you work at has an impact on how you work. That implies that the design of the office space affects your ability to focus on your work task, stay focused throughout the day and your productivity in general.   But it is not all about rearranging office furniture according to Feng Shui – it is about intertwining simple updates to make your employees comfortable in the office and boost their productivity. Here are some simple adjustment tips that will help you motivate your workers.   Different spaces for different tasks It…

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    5 Very Important Reasons for Focus on Technical SEO

    There are three main aspects of any SEO: technical, copywriting and marketing. Although it may seem that it all comes down to the last two, in the end, it’s the technical SEO that hits the mark. Every SEO should be focused on these three elements and not favor one over the other.   While marketers will perform those segments visual to everyone, developers have a job to make sure that it all goes smoothly when it comes to the technical decisions regarding the SEO. This is done at the beginning while a website is not published yet in order to fix the issues in time and prevent further problems.  …

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    Contracts: A Professional Inevitability

      Photo Source   When you first enter the realm of business management, you may be surprised by the sheer number of contracts that you will come into contact with on a regular basis. But at the end of the day, they are a professional responsibility and something that you have to engage with. So, it’s important that you understand the concept of contracting thoroughly. Here’s everything you need to know!   What Is a Contract?   Chances are that you’ve signed all sorts of contract in the past without giving them a second thought. But what actually is a contract? Well, legally speaking it is a legally binding agreement…

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    Protecting Your Online Business: Why Security Matters

      Image Credit   The importance of online security with regard to your blog cannot be overlooked.  It’s essential that every business protects itself today from online threats such as theft, fraud and hackers – yet in the blogging space this is an often overlooked area, as bloggers don’t feel they are in the same league as full on e-commerce sites that have to worry about security matters.   Further to this, there’s a tendency for people to not always treat their blog as a serious business but more of a hobby which means they don’t give security aspect of their business the consideration it deserves; particularly if you are…

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