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    How I Bought a Ford SUV For N800,000 Cheaper from the USA and How You Can Do Same From The Comfort Of Your Home

    If you intend to buy a car for at least 500k cheaper for personal use or just maybe you want to learn how to profit at least N500,000 per car from the automobile business, then this information is for you.   Sometime last year, precisely in October 2018; I wanted to buy a Car (FORD SUV) to compensate myself for the hard work I did during the year, I needed to gift myself honestly!   I’d worked so hard that my Toyota Corolla was already crying for freedom. If you see the car, you self go pity am! So I checked online and the least price I could get for…

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    3 Powerful Stерѕ Tо Get Paid Traffic Fоr Free

    Whаt I’m gоіng tо tеасh you tоdау is hоw to “buу” аѕ muсh ԛuаlіtу paid traffic (рау реr сlісk) as you wаnt and immediately get уоur money reimbursed. Thіѕ wіll bаѕісаllу аllоw you tо build a lіѕt оf BUYERS (nоt “ѕubѕсrіbеrѕ”, but “сuѕtоmеrѕ”!) аt nо соѕt. Yоu саn then uѕе that list оf buуеrѕ from the traffic tо promote аѕ mаnу оthеr offers аѕ you want … getting уоu соmрlеtеlу free traffic tо MANY dіffеrеnt links in thе рrосеѕѕ!   Yоu’vе hеаrd that the mоnеу іѕ іn thе “bасkеnd” оf your buѕіnеѕѕ. And іnѕіdе this report уоu’ll dіѕсоvеr еxасtlу hоw tо еxtrасt thоѕе рrоfіtѕ using mу ѕіmрlе three-step ѕtrаtеgу.  …

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    How to Make Your Office Balcony Perfect for Leisure Time

    Sitting in the office all day way up on the 10th floor can be really tiring. Even when you go on a break you simply have nowhere to go since buying a hotdog in the street hardly counts as going outdoors. What you really need in your office space is a balcony to spend leisure time in.   It can be customized to suit your needs as an employee so you can unwind outside, away from the stuffy office air. This could be a trend that other employees would follow and soon there would be a whole leisure zone at the balcony or on the roof.   Every reasonable employer…

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    17 Businesses You Can Run from Anywhere on Earth (And Start Today)

    Looking to make money online and don’t know where to start from? In this blog post from Location Rebel, you’d learn about the 17 businesses you can run from anywhere in the world. Read and enjoy it!   I still vividly remember the days before Location Rebel (then Location 180) where I’d sit in my cubicle reading blog posts about location independence from Chris Guillebeau. The office building I worked at had an outdoor garden patio, where I used to go during my breaks to sit and daydream about someplace more exotic.   I’d pretend I was sitting in a garden in Hong Kong for instance. Other days I’d run…

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    How to Create Your Optimal Work Environment

      A work environment is an important issue that all employers should take seriously. It can boost the productivity of your employees and be beneficial for their mood and motivation. Also, the work environment you establish will affect your clients and customers thus it may help you create a loyal brand following.   Sometimes the changes don’t have to be big, but simple things that will make your employees and you to work in a more comfortable setting. Therefore, here are some suggestions on how to create an optimal work environment at your company and enjoy the benefits it brings.   Arrange the lights Lighting is important since it will…

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    How Technology is Changing the Future of Education

    We are living in the digital age and this has changed many aspects of the way we live our lives. It’s changed the way we socialise, the way we shop, how we find and source information, the way we date and form relationships and the nature of crimes committed in online spaces. One area that technology has had a huge impact on is the education space.   Devices Advances in technology now mean that most young people own a smartphone or tablet and are increasingly proficient at using these types of technologies. Now, these kinds of devices have a place in the classroom and can make a difference to transforming…

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    The Best Strategy to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing In 2018

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies to monetize a web page. A strategy that allows you to earn a percentage for each sale made of the products that we refer and recommend to our readers.  It works as a channel, through which a certain brand that seeks to promote its products or services pays a previously agreed percentage to those who help them increase their sales, whether on a website, on a fanpage or on a blog.   A strategy that is very interesting for both parties, since, on the one hand the seller manages to increase the traffic of its website, expand its customer base and generate new sales. …

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    Efficient Hacks For A More Streamlined Business

      When it comes to running a successful business, it’s important to realise the importance of efficiency and streamlining. If you want to give your venture the very best chance of success, it’s vital that you take steps to ensure that your business is being run in the most optimal way possible.   Of course, given how complex running a business can be, you may be unsure about where to start when it comes to streamlining your business. However, there’s no need to panic, as believe it or not, streamlining your company doesn’t have to be a total nightmare.   Below is a guide to a range of efficient hacks…

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    Is It Time For You To Hire Again?

    There will no doubt come a point in every business owner’s life when they have to consider whether it’s time for them to hire again. Hiring isn’t a decision that any employer should take lightly. Hiring the right person takes up a lot of time and money, especially when you consider the training that comes after hiring the right person, too. If you hire too soon, you may realize that you didn’t need anybody after all and end up needing to let somebody go. If you take too long to hire, you may end up falling behind and struggling to get things done. Knowing the right time to hire is…

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    Five Incredible (And Legal) Ways To Cut An SME Tax Bill

    Source   Small businesses have a lot on their plate without having to worry about the IRS. But, worry you should because they are worse than the mafia. Sure, the Internal Revenue Service doesn’t break legs or murder people, but it can be as threatening. Miss one payment and your entire career will be in jeopardy. Seriously, these men and women don’t play.   The answer is simple, isn’t it? Keep up to date with the firm’s tax commitments and don’t miss a payment. It couldn’t be any simpler when you put it like that. Of course, companies are aware of their responsibilities and how much they owe, yet still…