Monday, August 21, 2017

The Internet Can Make You – And Break You


By far the best tool that business owners, bloggers, the self-employed and businesses have available to them is the internet. The internet has a primary use as a massive information hub, that keeps businesses on the pulse of trends, and it keeps them informed with what they need to know – be it the news, […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Business Website Fresh!

business website

The one thing that every business relies on is technology. You cannot escape it. Electronic billboards and signage are the new upgrade from paper posters. Thousands of jobs have been created off the back of the technological uprising, as well as college degrees that are purely computing based.   It’s because of this change in […]

3 Things Your Office Can’t Go Without


  (Link to source:   If you own business, there’s every chance you’ll have an office. There are many types of business that demand an office as a workplace. It’s interesting how the office you work in can have a bearing on how successful your company is. If your office isn’t up to scratch, […]

How to Create an Awesome Working Environment

If you run a business or are in a managerial position, you should be taking steps to ensure that your team works in a positive working environment. There are many ways to interpret this term, but it essentially refers to making their working lives better through promoting healthier living, reducing stress wherever possible and ensuring […]

How To Make Your Business Memorable In Consumers’ Minds

Unless companies have the power to telekinesis, there are only two ways customers will find their service and brand. Reaching out to consumers requires the dark art of marketing to penetrate the psyche of the individual and setting up camp in their peripheral mind’s eye.   But therein lies the issue of staying relevant and […]

Govt Urged to Partner Helping Hands International to Impact People at Grassroots

helping hands international

A non-governmental and people-oriented organisation, Helping Hands International, has called on government to key into the skills acquisition programme of the organisation to impact the life of the people at the grassroot. The organisation stated that the effect of the current recession on the common man in the country could be mitigated if government and those […]

How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy from Scratch

email mareting

Knowing how to do an email marketing campaign can be easy with a tutorial, but creating a strategy with goals that you then have to measure is something else entirely.   We have the habit of creating and launching actions without clearly having what we need and not knowing exactly how to measure the results. […]

SUV, $3,000 for ‘Diligent’ Teacher

helping hands international

A lecturer at the Federal Polytechnic, Offa (OFFA POLY) in Kwara State, Mr. Jimoh Olorede, has been presented with an Hyundai Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) and $3,000 as reward for making life better for the downtrodden. He was honoured by Helping Hands International, a non-governmental organisation. KAZEEM YEKEEN (HND II Mass Communication) reports.   When […]

Don’t Just Complain About Being Broke – Do Something About It!

helping hands international

Dear friend, I quite agree that things are a bit tough out there, but the truth is that when you continuously complaining about being broke without doing anything, you’d get “Broker”… If there’s any word like that!   The only way you can go from being broke, to have a lot of money in 2017 is […]

Helping Hands International – Great Ways to Sign Up Downlines

helping hands international

If you are not yet a member of Helping Hands International and still sitting on the fence, I’m quite sure that apart from not having the money; another major reason why you have not joined is because you are probably thinking ” how can I get people to join?” or ” what happens if I […]