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A company event is a get-together where coworkers can relax and get to know each other better; either through a conversation, or you could organize some fun activities! However, some employers believe these types of social occasions to be a waste of time and money. While it is true that some corporate parties might feel like a waste of time or even boring, this is simply because they weren’t thought-out. If a gathering is properly organized, there are several benefits that come out of it.


A Sense of Belonging

Have you heard of company culture before? To put it simply, company culture is the personality of a company. Many people often work in the same surroundings with the same goal in mind, and as such, it is important for everyone to share values and ethics. Company culture changes day to day, but there have to be a few core values everyone acknowledges.


Why is this important? For example, punctuality, honesty, and dedication are universally appreciated, and this creates a natural work ethic. Thus, people whose values are recognized in turn feel elevated and are more committed to their work. On the other hand, don’t forget to have some fun now and again. One of the important qualities of every manager is to recognize the value of time off. There are a lot of factors that keep employees engaged, and engaged employees are a dream come true for an organization.


A Rise in Productivity

As mentioned prior, some employers believe that parties and get-togethers are a waste of money. On the contrary, a company outing can promote creativity, boost morale and increase the overall focus of your team. Managers are often surprised at how big of an influence they can be, as well.


When a worker’s creativity, loyalty, and hard work are noticed, productivity increases. Personally thanking hard workers, or showing appreciation in the form of a gift will mean a lot to them. Using part of the evening to congratulate certain colleagues on their achievements is a good idea. While making them feel appreciated, inciting a little bit of competition might not be a bad idea.


Team Building

Stressful situations at work can lead to conflict. While everyone is on edge because of an ongoing project, too much competition can lead to fighting between coworkers. A relaxed event, an office party or dinner at a restaurant, for example, can patch things up as everyone is shown in a different light. It may be difficult for some people to build a relationship when they’re overburdened with work and their schedule is filled.


Have you thought of a sporting event? Going bowling during the weekend can help break the wall that exists between the leader and his employees. Seeing your boss as a peer for once will reduce overall stress, and will increase dedication at the same time. While we feel the need to fulfill expectations, we never want to let a friend down. This is why personal relationships work wonders in terms of productivity and work environment.


If such an event often leaves a good impression on colleagues, have you thought of making the moment last? The Party Starters photo booths, for instance, can be a great way of getting your hands on a few pictures you’ll want to frame later! We all know that stepping into a photo booth is fun every once in a while, so consider hiring one to create a few lasting memories. The pictures you make will surely be great decorations both at work and at home.


Events Serve as Checkpoints

Whether it be an annual event or something you organize every few months, a party can serve as a checkpoint. A chance to recharge and round up the past year means a lot in the following year. Employees tend to run out of steam sooner or later, and parties can be a good break for everyone, including the boss.


Celebrate the achievements, and show appreciation for everyone that assisted in reaching the finish line. People aren’t just cogs in a machine, they should feel wanted. Furthermore, celebrations serve as a good opportunity to set up future goals. Nothing too meticulous, simply sharing thoughts and opinions on the future is enough.


These are just some of the reasons as to why it’s a good idea to implement annual get-togethers in your company. These types of events help workers feel like they’re part of a team, and people feel closer to their colleagues thanks to the informal setting. While they may be for fun, these types of gatherings also help with productivity. Making sure everyone is on the same page is crucial for every team project.



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