Hi there, I trust you are staying safe! Can you make money during the COVID-19 epidemic?

My Answer….




Okay well, I’d explain… Don’t get confused. If you live in any of the countries that has been infested by the COVID-19 virus, chances are that you are obeying the “Sit at Home Rule”. Right here in Nigeria, we have been advised to stay home.


Even though it has its down sides, most especially for those people who have to go out and hustle; it’s still the best way to limit the further spread of the disease. Now what does it mean for you sitting in your couch right now and reading my blog?


One thing is for sure, you have an internet connection. If you don’t, you won’t be reading this post right? Anybody who has access to the internet can make money online this period. Now back to my answer of YES & NO above.


You can have access to the internet and don’t use it to work out any legitimate online business, as a matter of fact you have the option of watching Netflix, watching videos of the comedians on Instagram, watch meaningless viral videos etc. When you focus on that, you won’t make money.


If you focus on learning a skill this period and joining a freelance platform to advertise your skills, then you will make money. There are several legitimate ways to make money from home during this COVID-19 pandemic and I’d be discussing that with you.


1. Sell What You Know: Contrary to what you may believe, people still spend money this period. But you have to creatively think of how to get them to spend from their savings regardless of how tough the economy is.


You can sell digital information and make money! What do you know? What skill do you possess? Can you prepare a special recipe that can help people lose belly fat? Can you run profitable Facebook ads campaign? Can you teach people how to lose weight while sitting at home.


Listen, there’s a book inside of everyone. You just need to look inward. Let me give you a few seconds to think…. Tadaaaaaa!!! Have you figured your book out? What about personal development? Do you know there are people out there who are currently depressed, confused and don’t know what to do with their lives? What if you could be their coach?


I’m sure you are beginning to get my point now, if you don’t just sip a glass of cold water and you’d GET IT!. Information is key, there are things you don’t know that I don’t know. For example, a friend of mine with travel experience set up a Facebook Ad recently. The intention was to guide people on the best ways to relocate to Canada.


She sent the traffic to a Whatsapp group where she gave them some information, then she requested that they pay a token of N2,000 to get into her support group. In less than 2 hours, over 20 people had made payment to her bank account. Do the Maths, that’s like N40,000 in 2 hours right?


You can adapt same, just think of something that you can do. You don’t necessarily have to do the Whatsapp thing (It helps though), but you can simply put the information into a PDF file and sell to people. An eBook priced at N3,000 will give you N3,000,000 when 1000 people order for it. Cool cash amidst COVID-19 pandemic right?


2. Sell What Other People Know: There’s something called “Affiliate Marketing”, it’s the act of selling other people’s product for a commission. You can get between 50% to 75% commission when you help the product owner sell his product. Sounds sweet right?


There are different affiliate networks all over the world, there’s Clickbank, JVZoo etc. If you want to register with a reliable affiliate network in Nigeria, then you can join Expertnaire by CLICKING HERE.


I hope this helps you during this COVID-19 lock down.

Stay Safe

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