Don’t Think That Customer Service Can Make or Break Your Startup? Think Again!

In such a high-tech world, if you’re starting up a business, thinking about the customer service and your customers can seem a little old-fashioned, right? Making your customers happy is not something that can be fully automated, so it can mean that the whole thing isn’t scalable.


And after all, don’t your customers prefer to have some groundbreaking or cutting-edge features and high-tech user interfaces these days? So if you are commencing with a startup, isn’t it better to be placing your focus on those things in the first place? Well, the answer is both yes and no.


customer service



Take a look at some of the most successful startups or people that have succeeded in their business. Ask them about customer service and their responses might be quite interesting. For the majority of them, I’d be tempted to say that they will tell you that keeping their customers satisfied was one of the most important aspects of growing their business.


Getting customer service right for your clients and customers isn’t going to necessarily be easy. But it is so important to get that right from the outset of your business. So if you’re still not convinced, then here are some reasons why it should be a top priority for your startup business.



Essentially, customer service is about making clients and customers happy; pleasing people. But if you’re new in business, it can mean so much more than that. For startups, it is a valuable tool for feedback. In the early days of your business, this kind of feedback is pretty crucial as you get real users feedback and comments on your product and service and how it does (or doesn’t) fit into their lives.



You can check if your product messaging is correct and if your target market is who you thought that it would be. Or are there others that are making use of your product or service that is a bit of surprise to you? Listen to what you are being told and take action on it. Being flexible in business is really key. You need to be able to adjust and adapt where possible. So gaining feedback and adjusting your business model or plan accordingly, can be really beneficial to a startup.


Along with the initial products or services that your startup has, there will be scope to branch out and develop a product or service range. So it really is worth looking into the feedback you get from your customers. If they feel that there is something else in their life that could be improved by something else that you could create, then getting it into development is really key and useful.



For a new business that is a little short on cash, then it really can be valuable to know that your customers are after. It can save you having to put lots of different products into development that you don’t know how well they will work or essentially, how well they will be received.



Along similar lines, having a loyal customer base is another great way to help your cash flow. Through things like social media you can gain some inexpensive promotion, as they can recommend you, tag you in posts, and share reviews. However, bad news can also travel pretty fast when it comes to social media.

So make sure that you have your social media sorted. You want to be able to interact and engage with your customers, and that is where the majority of people are.


customer service



If in the early days of your business, you find that things are a little tight, then it could also be because of slow-paying customers. If your customers are other businesses, then quite often it will be a case of invoicing them and then waiting for payment. But for many people, that can be quite troublesome, especially if you are not paid when you are due to be paid.



So it could be worth looking somewhere like a factoring company for some help with your immediate cash needs. As Factoring is a financial transaction and a type of debtor finance, where your business sells some of its accounts receivable (like invoices) to a factor, at a discount, it can help you to get some immediate cash.



So if you are struggling with being paid by customers and clients, then you could visit for more information on how it all works. It is all very well having customers and clients. But if they take a while to pay you, then it can get very troublesome. So customers can really make or break your business.



In a way, though, factoring could be good for your business, simply because it means you’re not burning bridges with any customers and potential returning clients. New businesses need returning customers. And they are only going to do that if they feel that you have treated them well and helped them if they needed it. You’re not going to return to get treated unfairly by someone a second time, are you? So that really does need to be taken into account.



As a startup business, it can be quite narrow-minded to only think of customer service as being problem-solving. Though that is part and parcel of customer service, it isn’t the only part of it. You need to see your customers as a valuable extension of your business plan. When you keep conversations going with your customers, it leads to more exposure and getting your businesses name and brand out there.



It starts from the very first time that they get in touch with you via a phone call or an email. So be attentive and helpful right from the start. Giving better customer service than your competitors is also a really key factor to helping your brand. If they get better customer service elsewhere, then they will go elsewhere. So learn to be more alert and focused on your potential new customers and what they can do for you and your business.