The Digital Crystal Ball: How to Know What your Customers REALLY Want


The biggest barrier of any business is often trying to understand what customers need. After all, it can be hard to get a deep understanding of an ideal customer in the first place and this is because you are having to look at the situation from the other side.


Comprehensive Goals


You ultimately need to have a good understanding of your customers and the way that they work if you ever want to go on to achieve your own business goals.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to optimise your site or whether you want to try and improve your customer service because you can’t do this without first knowing who your customers are. Sites such as HelloWorld are great for this, as they can provide you with marketing efforts that are completely centred on who your customers are.





Engaging with your customers is the best way for you to find out this information. You can use Facebook messenger or you can even use instant chat programs to try and chat with your website visitors as soon as they land on your page. When you use technology like this, you can instantly get the insight that you have been looking for and you can also extract data from your chats with them as well.


Customer development is also crucial here. You need to get your customers on the phone and talking to your team so that you can then understand what they need from you and where you are ultimately lacking in your service to them.

It also helps to know that your customers are going to share their thoughts with you if you give them the chance to, so don’t be afraid to set up a customer satisfaction survey and don’t be afraid to ask them in person how they feel you did during the chat that you had.


If you do happen to design a survey, then make sure that it is not biased at all. The aim here is to try and get their opinion without projecting your own onto them.



Buyer Personas


A lot of marketers make the mistake of going off things like demographics. This can include the customer’s age, location or even their profession. They then use this information to try and develop a persona for each buyer. This information alone doesn’t provide you with the information that you need to create a company or even a message that resonates with them.


You need to connect with your customers on an emotional level and one way for you to do this would be for you to log on to the acquisitions tab under your Google Analytics dashboard. This will give you the chance to see which social media outlets, forms or even industry blogs your traffic is coming from.


If you have more customers from sites such as Facebook, try and look at profiles, find out why they are using your service and what they want from it. You can then build your company around them, so that you can provide them with a seamless experience from start to finish.


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