2 Powerful Products That Will Help You Generate 400% Returns or More Every Month Even If You Were a Complete Novice In The eCommerce Business

In this free article, you will learn about two products that can help you make a consistent 6-7 figures even if you were a newbie, read till the end to learn more!

Hey guys, I'm writing this article with two groups of people on my mind.

The first group is those who already know about mini importation but finding it difficult to get the right

products to sell, while the second group is for those who don't know much about the business or who don't

have an idea where to start from. 


So if you want to learn more about "how to import HOT SELLING PRODUCTS from China at dirt

cheap price and sell for over 400% profits, then brace yourself up, rid yourself off any distraction right

now and focus on just this article till the end. 


Basically, Here's How The Business Works:

  1. Research to get the right products
  2. Import the product at dirt cheap price from China via WhatsApp and a website I'd provide you with.
  3. Sell the products via Facebook
  4. Rinse and repeat


Despite the fact that this process sounds so simple, most people find it difficult to break even.


Because they import products without ascertaining if it would sell and/or they don't know how to sell the products.

The first step to take in this business is to import the right products, you can do this by running a test Ad on Facebook to see if you'd get orders upfront.

So if you have imported products that you can't sell, help is on its way.


The products that can help you make a lot of money in the eCom business are products that solve specific problems.

For example, the first product that I'd reveal to you solves the problem of hair loss.

Basically, it fills up bald patches on the head of bald people making it look like they actually have hair.


The Product Is Called Toppik Fiber:

With Toppik fiber, you can instantly experience naturally looking hair in 5 minutes if you were bald.

The thing about the product is that it only gives you that "full hair feel" for just 24 hours or less; it goes off after you have washed your hair.

I'm sure you are wondering... But it's a temorary fix, will people buy? Of course they will buy!


And the good thing is that they will keep buying after they exhaust their supply.

So let's say you have 100 customers and you make N4,000 profit from this product.

Now if I assume they run out of supply every month, then it means you'd be getting N4,000 X 100 = N400,000 right?

Personally, I have repeat customers for this product!


Now let's see how much it will cost to import this product and how much it sells on other platforms in Nigeria:

As you can see from the image above, the product costs just 15 Yuan (N900).

One Yuan is N60. Total landing cost for this product can't be up to N1,000.

You can sell this product between N6,000 - N10,000. I have sold a couple of it for N10,000 on Jumia.

I think I'm being to generous, I'm actually giving out a lot of info :). Anyways, let's see how much it's sold for on other platforms. 


Want to do the Maths or you want me to help you punch the figures? As you can see from the last picture above, this person is selling for N6,999 ( approximately N7,000).

Remember the product is being purchased for let's say N1,000.

So this person has a profit of N6,000. I don't know if he factored the cost of delivery in the product cost or he would charge the buyer extra N1,000 for delivery.


If you are really good at selling via Facebook ads, you can sell this product for N10,000 just like I did... Just imagine the cash flow for a minute! Selling is the Koko of this business.

For example if I were to sell this product on Facebook, I'd look for those who have liked pages like Hair growth, Hair growth serum, Hair Growth Products, Hair Care etc.

If you type these in the interest tab when setting up your Ads, you'd see the results.


Target Men from ages 25 - 54. Most times, I used a video to run my Ads.

Video ads work well for me because it demostrates to the customer how the product works. If you use a video with a Man demonstrating, then you should target Men, same goes for Women. 

For example, watch the sample video ad below:

So that's just for one product. There's a second product that has helped me rake in a lot of money since last year November.

As a matter of fact, it's the major product I sell on my eCommerce website.

What if I gave you the name of the product and also give you access to the same Facebook campaigns, videos and scripts I used for marketing, would you be interested?

Want to know what this product is? Click the RED tab below for FREE access!

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