Revealed: The Second Powerful Product That Helps Me Generate 6-7 Figures Every Month

Hello and thanks for coming this far to garner the requisite information required to help you make a lot more money in 2018.

Once again my name is Victor Agina, in the last lecture  I revealed to you " Toppik Fiber", a hair growth fiber that can make a bald headed person appear to have fuller hair. That product is a banger!


But I wanted to introduct you to another product thatI've been selling for over 5 months now; I tell you, this product is profitable now and would still be in many more years to come.

What's this powerful product I'm talking about?


Why Am I Confident That This Product Will Make You a Lot Of Money?

Wearable Tech Market: Projected $34 Billion by 2020

As you can see, there's a lot of money to be made from this market; but just before you think you now know everything and jump into it, take a chill pill and listen!

Otherwise you'd spend your hard earned money acquiring these products and have a hard time selling them just like others who thought they were smart have done in the past.

 But Victor, That's Just Data... Have You Been Able to Make Money Selling Smartwatches?

That's One of The Ads on My Facebook Business Page, You Can See It's Got "965" Comments From Eager Buyers!

Now That You've Seen the Potentials... Here's The 3 Step Formula to Get Similar Results:

  1. Identify the kind of watches that your potential customers can never resist buying. I call it "niche watches".
  2. Import these smart watches at dirt cheap price. I'd show you how to place an order from China with your WhatsApp and have the items delivered to you in 2-5 days time.
  3. Quickly sell of the smart watches for profits. I'd show you how to quickly sell these smart watches to hungry buyers and make more than 150% return on your investment. With the strategy I'm going to teach you, you'd be able to sell of your stuffs in little or no time.  

1. What Kind Of Watches Should You Sell?

There are different kinds of watches you can sell online ranging from high end designers to low cost kpalasa watches. For the purpose of this training, I'd be talking about smart watches.

Smart watches also comes in various types, shapes, features and prices.  

I love to have my business very targeted to the right audience so I already know who I want to sell to in advance and what I want to sell to them.

For example, there are smart watches that monitors "Blood Pressure".

I can easily set up an advert on Facebook and target people who have liked "High Blood Pressure" pages right?  


There are more sophisticated smart watches that go as far as telling you if you have diabetes and giving you a monthly health report.

There are others that would even send you a report of your aged parent, Wife, Child or Husband...   These one also comes with a tracking device to track your kids in the event of a kidnap.

The latter is quite pricey but there are other cheaper ones that you can focus on and make more than 100% profit per sale.

Another example is the DZ09 Smart Watch that has the capacity to make and receive calls, it has a pedometer, sleep monitor and other awesome features.

Even though it's now rampant, you can still sell it for more than what others sell on Jumia & Konga and make profits.  

I import this particular smart watch for N2,500 by using one of the sites I'd reveal to you later. If you attempt to import from Aliexpress, it will cost you close to N4,000 but I know how to get these things at a cheaper rate.  


2. How to Import The Smart Watches at Dirt Cheap Price From China

Now that you know the smart watches, it's time to import them.

There are different websites you can import from like Aliexpress, DHGate, Alibaba,

Personally, I use 1688 to get my goods; the website is a Chinese site and it's tricky to place an order on there.  

Initially, I was working with one Mr. Lee until he started cheating and sending sub standard items.

In October last month, I found a reliable shipping agent that helps me purchase the items from 1688.  

All I do is to carry out a research on Aliexpress, send her the links, she checks for the items on 1688 with best price and quality, I pay to her Naira account and she sends my goods.


Shipping takes 48 hours after the goods are received from the manufacturer. 

Want to get access to my supplier, learn about 50 more hot products you can import from CHina from the comfort of your home and how to quickly sell these items for more than 200% profit? CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS  


3. How to Sell the Smart watches to Eager Buyers On Facebook

If you are a shy person and hate selling... don't worry, Facebook has made marketing so easy that you can sit anywhere in the world, click some buttons and people will start requesting for your product. 

Personally, I hate going out not to talk of pitching products face to face to people.


But with Facebook, I only just need to understand who my target audience is, what to say to them and the kind of products to push to them.   Once you do this, you will make money.

Facebook has lots of data. Did you know that any activity you perform on Facebook, there's a record for that?

Have you ever visited a Facebook page that sells shoes then in the next 24 hours, as you browse through FB, you will see advert of shoes popping up in your face?  

That's The Power of Data!  


Want to Learn How to Run Facebook Ads? Watch The Beginner to Expert Video Below!

If you are get it right with Facebook ads, you will make money! If you miss it, you'd loose money just like I use to do a few years ago. You can go ahead and make use of the little information I have provided to you for FREE.  

But it's a two way thing, it's either it works or it doesn't work.

What If I Shared My Same Success With You, All You Need Do Is Copy, Paste & Make Money!

  1. I want to show you my exact Facebook ad swipes for selling the smart watches,
  2. I'd show you the exact people I target when I run my ads. You can set up an Ads campaign and start receiving orders in less than 24 hours.
  3. I'd give you my automated tool for automatically sending a Facebook inbox to anyone who comments on my post.
  4. I'd give you the same videos I use in running ads for the smart watches.
  5. I'd give you one smartwatch for FREE!
  6. I'd also give you 50 HOT products + 2 special ones that can make you a Millionaire in one month.  


Would You Be Interested If I Decide to Share My Brain With You? I want to help at least 100 people to make 6-7 figures this month and every month, so if you are willing to learn and promise not to share this same strategy with anyone before it gets saturated, then click on the tab below to get instant access!  

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