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"What If I Gave You License to Copy and Paste The Same Product, Picture, Videos & Facebook Campaigns That Makes Me 6-7 Figures Every Month From Mini Importation Business, Would You Be Interested?"

I want to HELP just 10 people by allowing access to the same secrets that enabled me sell 200 smartwatches a month plus 30 other hot selling products that guaranteed 6-7 figures every month, read on to learn how!

Dear Friend,

Are you broke, unemployed, or just looking for an extra way to make money from the mini-importation business?

Do you already know about the mini importation business but finding it difficult to get the right products or set up effective Facebook Ads to break even?

If you answered YES to any of the two questions, then this letter is specifically written for you!

Who Am I & Why Listen?

My name is Victor Agina, I'm not a GURU of some sort and I'm not ready to bestow myself with titles. I'm just a regular guy who's constantly looking for better ways to legitimately make money from the internet. And guess what?

I'm not selfish; I find out what works, get results and share with people like you on my blog just to make the world a better place!

My blog (victoraginadotcom) has helped changed hundreds of  lives; Money changes lives init? You can learn more about me by typing my full names in Google!


Just like yourself, I've done this and that... I've invested monies in ventures that failed! I have done quite a lot, I've failed in some and I've had successes as well.

I don't want to bore you with the epiphany of how I did "this and that" stuff that didn't work.

Well yeah, some marketers might deem it imperative to do that because they want you to feel like they understand your pains and you've been through similar stuffs.

But for Knowledge Sake, Let Me Share Something You Should Learn From...

The year 2017 was more like the year of Cryptos! We had lots of crypto this and crypto that...

I was jejely doing my business when a close friend of mine came up with the idea of investing in one of these "crypto investment flips".

I ignored him initially.... But then he did his first flip and got 25% first month.

and then again and again, he was finally able to convince me to join him, which I stupidly did.

The first flip was good, I got paid and then we resorted to weekly flips; then sometime in October we put in all our resources plus monies from other people who invested through us totalling about N26,000,000.


Victor, it's gonna be a great Christmas for us you know! He said to me while we sat over some bottles of somethings :).

Oh yeah! I replied, them go hear am for my village! Omo, I no know say our money go soon cast! To cut the long story short, on our said pay day there was no alert!


I logged in to my back office and my mouth could not explain what I could see! There was no money there. I quickly placed a call to my friend and he was already sounding downcast.

Wetin happen bro? In a somewhat dejected tone he managed to mutter a few words, them say hackers don hack their system, all our money don go!


I almost had a seizure! You say wetin? You don call them? Where their office dey self?

That was when I realized my friend had lured me into a scheme without an office, no trace of anything and I didn't bother asking questions...

I put myself together the next day and started thinking of what to do. 

All Hope Was NOt Lost For Me Because I Still Had My Mini Importation Skills Intact and a Little Over N30k to Start All Over Again ...

After a few hours of searching for products, I discovered I could import some smartwatches and sell it off att the snap of a finger.

So I quickly looked for the watch on Aliexpress and then sent it to my Agent via WhatsApp, she helped me look for the product on 1688 a cheaper portal where I got the product for far more cheaper than the former website.


I made payment for 15 pieces and in 5 days my product had arrived. I quickly set up Facebook ads with the skills I had acquired and in 4 days I had sold off the 15 pieces.

The product cost me about N2,500 and I was able to sell it for N10,000. I made N6,500 in profit per product after delivery. I only spent N5,000 on Ads to acheive this.


So I continued this process until I bounced back on my feet again, thanks to mini importation business. You see my friend, I don't know where you are right now...

You might have made a lot of mistakes just like myself, you must have lost monies to fake gurus and all that; whatever your case maybe, there's still hope for you!


If You Find Yourself Still Lacking For Money Then All You Need Are Just Simple Steps:

  • Look for a hot selling product that you can sell off in the least possible time.
  • Import the product using my agent on WhatsApp at dirt cheap price from the portal I told you about earlier.
  • Run targetted Facebook Ads to the right people who'd be interested in your product.
  • Get a reputable courier company to help you deliver your products.
  • Rinse and repeat!

The Mini Importation Business Can Help You Make More Money If You Follow The Steps of Someone Who's Been There Just Like I Did...

Honestly, I paid a lot of money to learn who I know today. Why? Because I discovered that there's a price to pay for everything.

There's a lot of information out there about mini importation, infact if you are smart you could even make money off the information I've shared so far!


But... Would you rather go spending so much time trying to figure out how to run Ads to sell the smartwatches?

Would you rather go searching for more products to sell, would you rather go searching for videos and script to use in promotion or would rather just have me give all these things to you on a platter of Gold?

I want to help you make more money so I'm basically taking everything that worked for me in selling the smartwatches and other products and giving it to you.

All you need do is to copy and paste! Want to know how?

Introducing ...

Smart Cash Formula is a combination of 6 videos and eBooks where I hold you by hand and show you everything you need to know from importing smartwatches and other products to selling and distribution of the products for profits.


I'm not keeping anything away from you on this one, it's like copying and pasting what's in my brain and making money.

Plus I'd give a FREE smartwatch to the first 7 people who order this product.

So it's like you are actualling getting your money back once you sell the smartwatch :)

Here's What You'd Gain:

  • Product Main Benefit #1 - How to search for hot selling products online.
  • Product Main Benefit #2 - How to source and import smartwatches and over 20 other products through my Agent via WhatsApp.
  • Product Main Benefit #3 - How to set up targetted Facebook Ads to sell your smartwatches. I'd give you all my sales copies, videos, targetting options and everything to help you make sales. Other marketers would use vague sample ads, but I'd show you the same one I use for the smartwatches. 
  • Product Main Benefit #4 - I'd give you contacts of the dispatch companies that helps deliver my items.
  • Product Main Benefit #5 - I'd show you how to sell your items if you don't live in Lagos. Some of my students are already doing this.

The Smart Cash Formula Is Easy to Use Because I Have Done All The Legwork For You... Just Follow Instructions and Take Orders!

Even if you have tried other mini importation courses and failed... You can't fail on this one.

Why? Because I'd reveal to you live everything I have done that worked for me.

I'm sure you are wondering, why am I sharing my secrets?


By nature, I'm a very compansionate person and I want everyone to succeed; hence the reason why I created my personal blog to help people.

Whenever I read their testimonies, my heart is gladdened. However, I found out that why some people could make do of the free articles and make money, others find it difficult.


We were not all created to have the same kinda memory, some people still need to be spoonfed like a baby in order to get results.

Now that's the main motivation behind this and that's the reason why I'm limiting this offer to just a few people.

Did I tell you that the first 7 people to get on this would get a free smartwatch? See what people are saying about this course:

" This course is the reason why I'm able to import wedding rings from China and sell for over 400% profit, I don't regret spending money on it. Mr. Victor even went further to support and help me set up my Facebook ads."

- Chioma, Lagos (08035666134)

"Whao! I have never doubted Victor in anyway because a few years ago, he thought me about Fiverr business and I made money. But this course, he put his heart and everything into it just for anyone to succeed. Good stuff as usual"

- Bright, Asaba (08033408153)

"I just made some orders now for some items and I'm waiting for it to get to Nigeria. I'm very sure it will work for me, he explained everything in baby steps. Victor is also a very patient person, with all my wahala"

- Chris, Lagos (08035843664)

And When You Place an Order For The Smart Cash Formular Course Today, You'd Also Get...

  • Product Benefit #1 - One DZ09 smart watch FREE of charge .
  • Product Benefit #2 - Software for scraping emails on Facebook ...
  • Product Benefit #3 - Access to 20 or more Hot selling products ...
  • Product Benefit #4 - Access to my powerpoint product templates, you just add the product picture, change the text and use for your Facebook Ads ...
  • Product Benefit #5 -  How to write a compelling sales copy that will force people to buy your products.
  • Product Benefit #6 - How to get videos to promote your product and how to create your own engaging video online by using a FREE app.
  • Product Benefit #7 -  How to Sign Up on Jumia and Konga, Plus How to List on Jumia Express......
  • Product Benefit #8 - How to source for special products locally. I'd give you contact of where to get "problem solving problems" in Lagos
  • And Many More ...

Does This Thing Really Work or Am I Just Blabbing? See Proof!

Honestly, I hate to do this screenshot thingy, but for the benefit of the doubting Thomases.... Let me leave you with a few!

When You Order The Smart Cash Formula Today, You Have a FREE Smartwatch Shipped To You!

I'm throwing in this offer for the first 7 people who'd order the Smart Cash Formula; I'd have a DZ09 smartwatch shipped to you for FREE (Lagos Only) so you can quickly sell with the techniques I'd reveal to you and get your money back.

Ain't I being too generous? But this offer is available only for the first 7 people who'd order my video course in 24 hours...

And For How Much Are You Going to Get These Awesome Deals?



For Only N8,999 Today!

Yes for just N8,999, I'd give you access to the same products, video, script, Facebook targetting and everything you need to quickly import and sell off smartwatches and other products for more than 400% ROI every month. 

The Smart Cash Formula comes with more than 6 powerful video courses and eBooks that's downloadable on your hard drive so you can access the course whenever, wherever and however you want to.

Remember, the first 7 people to place an order right away gets my FREE bonus smart watch.


Main Product

Bonus #1

Bonus #2

Bonus #3

Bonus #4








The total value of getting this product and all the benefits is N87,650, I can easily sell it for that price but like I said earlier, it's about helping you.

I've put in my sweat and blood to make this a product you'd never regret purchasing. It contains everything I know undiluted!

So if you grab a copy of the Smart Cash Formula, you only need to pay  N87,650 N8,999 if you order this course in 24 hours from now. 

And This Offer Is Backed By A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

If you order this product and implement everything contained it it without seeing result, I'd refund your money in full; and you return the Smartwatch!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

Not comfortable with making card payments? No problem, you can make payment to:

Account Name: Ikenna Victor Agina

Account Number: 0058598365

Bank Name: Diamond Bank PLC

After payment, send payment proof to or WhatsApp 08037193840. Remember, the FREE smartwatch is for the first 10 people to place an order for this course.

If you apply what I teach you, you can easily sell for N10,000 and make your money back.

You have to take care of the delivery charges.

Victor Agina

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