How to Turn N100k or Less Into N1.5m a Month This Christmas Season

How to Turn N100k or Less Into N1.5m a Month This Christmas Season

Today, I want to show you a strategic way to turn N100,000 into N1.5m a month or more this Christmas season and
beyond. First, we both know that there are several ways to turn N100k into N1.5m within a month. It doesn’t necessarily have to be N100k, you can start with lesser than that amount. 

But what I am about to share with you is a smart and simple way to make money from Ecommerce; the good thing is that this strategy works for anyone… If you follow the steps correctly! 



So Let’s begin…

STEP 1: Start by finding a HOT physical product that many people will like to buy

The keyword here is HOT

A hot product is a product that draws people onto itself and causes people to rush to buy it. You don’t need multiple average products. All you need to get started is just one HOT ecommerce product. You can find a hot product by taking time to browse through a site like Niche Scraper

For instance, one of the students of one of my mentors, Toyin Omotosho did this and found a super-cool wrist watch.



STEP 2:  Once you have selected the hot product,the next step is to buy it for as low as possible
and also ship it for as low as possible

This gives you a low product cost. You can buy products from places like Aliexpress

In the case of the student I mentioned before, his cost of getting the wristwatch and shipping it to
Nigeria came to N3500 per one.

He bought 20 copies to start with (N70,000) and later bought an additional 60 pieces later



STEP 3: It is now time to start selling the product.

The fastest way to do this is to simply create an Instagram or Facebook page and promote the product
from there.

You have to use an advert that is very effective for this to work.

A HOT product makes this easier

All you need to do is create a video of the product or use brilliant images of the product.

Then, make it easy for people to order.

In some cases you may also need a website


In the case student mentioned before, he spent N37,500 to run adverts on Instagram selling
the wristwatch and ended up with 77 sales at N21,000 within 19 days.

He also spent an average of N1,500 to ship each package to customers.



At the end of the day, here is the breakdown:

Purchase Cost & Shipping – N269,500

Cost of Instagram Adverts – N37,500

Sales (77 x N21,000) – N1,617,000

Cost of shipping & packaging – N115,500

After removing all the cost and expenses, he ended up with N1,194,500 in net profits which isn’t



N1,194,500 In 30 Days Is Good Money

And you too can do the same and change your life for the better.

The good thing is that once you understand the process of finding hot products, buying them for cheap and selling them online, you can make a lot of profits every month.


The question is:


Even though I used N100,000 in the title of this article, the truth is that you can start with much
lesser. If you can launch with just N35,000 and turn it into N200,000, you can use that to relaunch and make more

I hope this helps you.

PS: If you would like more training on what I have
just discussed, watch this special video training
for details



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