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Knowing how to do an email marketing campaign can be easy with a tutorial, but creating a strategy with goals that you then have to measure is something else entirely.


We have the habit of creating and launching actions without clearly having what we need and not knowing exactly how to measure the results. Through this post I will share the steps to create step by step an email marketing strategy from scratch.


How to create an email marketing strategy

1 – Objectives

This is the part where you put in writing what you need, some objectives would be:

  • Create a new channel to keep the public loyal
  • Create a new channel to sell to the public
  • Increase sales through the newsletter
  • Increase the number of subscribers


Once you have the goals you have to define your goals, the ones that will make you take it more seriously, for example:

  • Increase 15% of sales
  • Increase subscription subscribers by 20% a month
  • Increase traffic coming from newsletter by 30%


2 – Email marketing strategy

Let’s imagine that you have a store that sells product.


Your goal

  • Sell products through the newsletter


Your strategies

  • Submit Product Testing for Subscribers
  • Super exclusive deals for subscribers
  • Sending content related to products in the newsletter
  • Inclusion of promotional banners within the newsletter
  • Creating video tutorials of products
  • Exclusive contests and sweepstakes for subscribers


Content types

To execute these strategies the contents could be:

  • News
  • Offers
  • Banners
  • Reviews
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Testimonials


Frequency of contents

For this type of sales strategies it is advisable to send even one newsletter a week. But if you do not have good content it’s best to create at least one a month.


Shipping Plan

Plan your month with the most important moments in email marketing campaigns, newsletter creation, sending, reporting and constant recruitment of subscribers to always reach more people.


Email Marketing Tools

There are many platforms for newsletter submissions, yet you must identify the one that best suits your needs.Here is a list of tools

  • Acumbamail is the one I use today, it works great, it offers good services and above it’s all in Spanish. I recommend you check it out
  • Mailchimp is the most recognized, what I like is that it offers drag and drop and to start is great, but has very few free for the initial version.
  • GetResponse is also cool but paid, offers 30 free days in which even send you emails to train in email marketing. Without a doubt a very good content strategy
  • Benchmark Email that works great and has up to automation.


There are others, but these would be my TOP 3

Get subscribers

Within the recruitment of subscribers there are elements like forms that play a super important role, then the three most used.


Do not get carried away by the myths that say the long forms are not good, everything will depend on your goal and what you need 😉 As for the recruitment of subscribers, you can read a complete guide to attract subscribers through this link.


Creating and sending newsletter

At this point we have to delve deeper into the writing in email marketing and calls to action.



  • That generate interest
  • That offer promises
  • With direct and direct tone


  • Using subtitles to divide information
  • More visual resources than texts
  • Very good starts

Calls to action

  • Calling and design chords
  • With correct colors, no RED
  • Persuasive and convincing

Here is an example of the correct and incorrect use of calls to action in a newsletter


Email marketing metrics

In another post I explained more details all the metrics that we can use in email marketing, I invite you to read by clicking here . In summary the most important would be:

  • List metrics
    • Increase of subscribers
    • Rate of casualties
  • Metrics for newsletter submission
    • Opening rate
    • Clicks on links
    • Shipping discounts
  • Conversion Metrics

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