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Email marketing campaigns aren’t just about spamming your customers day after day with product offers (although some companies have had a lot of success with this strategy). It’s also about occasionally providing them with useful content designed to help mold their relationship with your brand.


The problem for many companies is that they don’t know how to go about writing effective email copy that converts prospective customers into active buyers. Here’s what you need to know about conversion.



Make It Less About You And More About Them


The purpose of email copy isn’t to market your company or tell your customers about its long and varied history. Rather, it’s to provide your customers with something that they can actually use to solve a problem.


Instead of using words like “we” or “us” in your email, write the content as if you were addressing the person reading it in real life, using words like “you” and “your.” Taking this approach will help the content remain focused and prevent you from taking up space talking about yourself.



email marketing





Create Urgency


Although content-filled emails are primarily about providing help to your audience, you still need them to have conversion value. Thus, the content you create should have a sense of urgency in the first line or two.


How do you do this in practice? The key is to meld the call to action into the content itself according to Perhaps your email copy is about the consequences of not using your service and how businesses and individuals can suffer as a result.



Integrate Your Email Marketing Copy Into Your Business Model


Ideally, you want your email marketing copy to be incorporated into the rest of your business model. It should be easy for workers to click a button on your native system to send out emails, and it should also be easy for those reading your email to be converted into new customers.



You can find more information at about these systems, but the main gist of them is that they allow you to simplify your processes for both staff and customers. Staff members are able to send out emails from whatever native platform you’re currently using. And customers are able to click an email and get to the point of conversion within as few steps as possible (hopefully just one).



Your Calls-To-Action Should Be Peppered Throughout

Although you’re writing for the benefit of the person reading the copy, you should still provide them calls-to-action throughout the email, rather than just at the top or the bottom.


Why? Because you want to take advantage of any urge they might have to find out more while reading the text. A recipient might suddenly read a sentence that particularly appeals to them and decide at that moment that they need to investigate your products further.


email marketing



Just be careful that you don’t send out emails with picture conversion icons. Although pictures or buttons might look good on your end, there’s a high chance that the recipient’s email service will block images. Use regular links instead to be on the safe side.


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