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Email marketing , or also email marketing , is one of the key actions to improve your online sales and the most effective in the wide world of Digital Marketing.

In this article we will review the advantages of email marketing and why we should put it into practice , as well as a set of guidelines to create our commercial campaigns and design them in the most effective way possible to increase our sales.



  1. What is mailing (email marketing)
  2. Advantages of Email Marketing
  3. How to Prepare Marketing Campaigns by Email
  4. Email marketing software / applications


1. What is mailing (email marketing)

What is mailing? The mailing is an Anglo-Saxon word that its meaning roughly means “to do marketing by email”.What is email marketing? It consists of sending a multitude of emails to a series of subscribers to a Newsletter(mostly business customers ) where they are informed of a series of news regarding the activity that unites them.


2. Advantages of Email Marketing

Through Email Marketing we can achieve the following advantages:

  • Get more directly to our database of contacts, customers or subscribers so that we can retain them much better.
  • While in Social Networks may read or not, depending on the time of publication and connection preferences of our followers; With email marketing we make sure we get to the mailbox of our followers .
  • To make new products or services more personalized.
  • For many blogs, the subscribers of your Newsletter will also be the potential customers of a possible product or service, which can bring greater value.


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3. How to Prepare Marketing Campaigns by Email

When preparing our Email Marketing campaigns we must take into account a series of guidelines that will make our emails much more effective and improve our opening rates.


A) Tips on marketing by email

To carry out an eMail Marketing strategy you have to take into account the following tips (detailed explanation of each point below :

  1. Do not abuse the words spam (free, buy now, offer, discount ….) As it can cause our emails to go directly to the spam folder of our contacts.
  2. Take care of messages in form and content , work well your brand image in all your communications.
  3. It includes links in the images and texts to direct the user to the website where you are selling the products or services.
  4. Includes a call-to-action button (Download, Buy, Contact, Book …) to encourage the purpose of your email marketing campaign.
  5. Plan your campaigns through the utilities that email marketing tools often incorporate. In this way, you will design the campaigns with sufficient time and you will avoid errors of the rush of last hour.
  6. Do not abuse the sending of emails to your customers or subscribers. A weekly or bi-weekly email can be a good practice if you do not want to end up in the trash can of our possible
  7. Customize the messages . Go to your subscriber by name to do the closest communication.
  8. Combine images with explanatory texts as images are not always seen in all client mail applications.
  9. Always include your social networks to complement your online marketing actions.
  10. It analyzes the moment of day and day of the week in which more openings of mail make your subscribers.


B) Analyze and measure the results of your marketing actions by email

And finally, always measure the outcome of your email marketing campaigns to improve your online sales. The main data to be measured are:

  • Opening rate , will tell you how many people have opened your email from all emails sent.
  • Ratio of Clicks, that is, among all those who have read your email, who have clicked on some of the links included in the content of the email.


C) Optimize your eMail Marketing campaigns

A few latest recommendations to improve your online sales through Email Marketing:

  1. Segment your campaigns very well to reach the best possible to the tastes and needs of your customers.
  2. Get a business calendar with key marketing dates in your industry (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, BlackFriday, etc.) and launch special discounts.
  3. Introduce urgent elements to encourage sales: “offer valid until …”, “available only until …”, etc.
  4. Send offers and discounts to your customers on a regular basis, is a very effective way to boost your online business.
  5. Use Cross-Selling techniques to sell additional services or products



And one last recommendation, always learn how big companies do in the digital world: Amazon , eBay , Zalando , El Corte Inglés … Subscribe to their newsletters and learn how they design their campaigns or what elements or commercial claims they use to increase sales .


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4. Email Marketing Software / Tools for eMail Marketing

I leave you 10 Email marketing software, which according to are the best:

  • MailChimp
  • Campaign Monitor
  • FireDrum Email Marketing
  • Intercom
  • Gammadyne Mailer
  • Mailrelay
  • Email List Verify
  • SendPulse
  • Moosend
  • Benchmark

– –


Start your email marketing / Email marketing strategy and improve your online sales by following these guidelines that we just mentioned and you will see how your results improve.

If you liked this article on email marketing, I encourage you to share it on your social networks , your colleagues will thank you. And if you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to share it with us.


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