The Emerging Technologies That Are Revolutionising Patient-Centered Care

The Emerging Technologies That Are Revolutionising Patient-Centered Care

Technology is incredible. It seems like there are always so many different innovations that are taking place to grow and progress the world. Some of which are really boosting the world and making it an incredible place. This is definitely the case in healthcare, and patient care in the first place. Let’s take a look at some of these;


3-D Printing


3-D printing can really boost supply-chain in healthcare, and is already aiding in dental work and creating customized hearing aids.


Virtual Reality


Sick patients need to relax. Virtual reality can really help with that, particularly in reducing surgery-related anxiety and treating PTSD.


Augmented Reality


Similarly, augmented reality can be a benefit to patients – but also professionals too. It can aid in guiding surgeons, as well as working with different health and fitness apps.


Artificial Intelligence


AI is really changing the world and its benefits are revolutionising healthcare too. Replacing human intelligence, this technology is important for research and billing.


Internet of Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) can prove a valuable data exchange network for coordinating care, managing inventory, and monitoring patients remotely, among other things.




The use of drones can aid in emergency response, delivering medical goods, and helping with supply chain – so watch this space.




As with a few of the above ideas, robots can aid in healthcare instead of humans with options like remote patient care and supply chain.




The use of blockchain in healthcare can be invaluable for security and fraud prevention, which is vital for this industry.


For more information on all of these areas, along with the various technologies currently in use, take a look at the below infographic.


Infographic Design By Bradley University

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