facebook ads manager

If you have a FB Account then you probably have access to the Facebook Ads Manager

Unless your account is flagged, just like mine was 🙂

If you know me too well, You should know I’d always tell the truth!


Anyways, here’s the gist!

A friend to a friend of mine introduced a product to me, it was for curing premature ejaculation.

He told me it produces amazing results, truth be told… It actually does

When you take that stuff, your pe**s begins to get hard in 30 minutes

If you ejaculate too quickly, this stuff will help you to calm the f**k down 🙂


Don’t ask me if I used it LOL!

Okay so I did a test ad, a conversion Ad actually through the Facebook Ads Manager

Somehow, I played around with words and the first Ad went through. 3 orders came in on the first day on a N1,000 budget (I was just testing to gather data)

So here’s what I did:


  • I recorded myself with the product (About 1minute and 30 seconds video)
  • I spoke Pidgin English (Did this to bypass the Facebook Bots)
  • I wrote the Ads copy in Pidgin English


facebook ads manager

facebook ads manager


I can be a clown when I want to be 🙂

So my strategy worked, not until I tried to switch things a bit and then everything went South.

I didn’t like the packaging of the product, it wasn’t TUSH plus the products were roughly handled by my friend’s friend this eventually made it look even worse.


I asked my Sister to help me search for the product, in her usual manner She got me something very close with a different packaging.

Through the Facebook ads manager, in 2 weeks and a couple of days we sold 70 packs of the product.


After taking out the Ads cost, product cost and delivery fee, I still had about N3,000 profit (Not that bad)

Multiply N3,000 by 70 packs, You’d get N210,000. It’s not really much but it’s something.


So How Did I Do This With the Facebook Ads Manager?

1. I created a conversion Ad on the Facebook Ads Manager for Leads instead of purchase ( With this, Facebook will optimize for leads which in the actual sense is a purchase when the customer fills my order form)

2. I used a video that talked about the product

3. I set up a funnel to sell the product


The result was sweet. Out of about 80 people that filled the order form, 70 people actually paid for the product. It was good until I tried to change the creative, I didn’t like the idea of having my video on the page. A lot of people who know me personally started calling my phone, some of them even asked me to give them the product for free LOL!


I was able to get another Facebook account so I can access the Facebook ads manager. My Ads is currently running now, I had to keep things very simple. Yeah I got a friend that did a good video for me, the video was in pidgin English and revealed everything the customer needs to know about the product.


I didn’t use too much text, just a simple Call to Action and you are good to go.

When you are selling an adult product, you don’t need to write too much.

You only need to be able to bypass the Facebook bots so they can’t crawl your page and flag it.


Do you want to sell your products through the Facebook ads manager? Let’s talk! You can email me at agina.ikenna@gmail.com or Call/Whatsapp 08037193840

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Talk soon




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