Facebook Ads: Understanding The 3 Stages Of The Campaign

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There’s no doubt paid Facebook ads is an incredible platform that can help you sell thousands of products from the comfort of your home. But just before you go “Aha let me go shoot some ads”, there are certain things you
need to know about Facebook ads.


When I hear people say oh “Facebook ads doesn’t work and I’ve wasted my money”, I smile because they really don’t understand how to make it work. In this article, I’d take you through the 3 stages of an ad campaign. If you get this right, then you’d have no cause to complain anymore about Facebook ads.


There is a point where you want to start your campaign and you don’t know what works. You don’t know the audience that will convert or the creative that will make you money.This stage is called “The Learning Stage”. This is regarded to as the testing phase in Facebook ads, the goal is to discover what works and what does not work. Please note that in this stage the ROI is not the goal.


At this stage you have gathered all the data you need for the ads from Facebook, Google etc. At this stage you have to create different adset, each of these adset should target a unique group of people. You’d need to create multiple ads then observe the ads to know which ones convert best. On the Ad level, you need to create different sales copies,
different headlines and different images.


Optimized Stage: At this stage you already know what works and what does not work. Now you know the audience that is making you spend more, you then leave the audience that converts better. At the same time, you have to
recreate the same ads that worked better for you.

Optimize for incremental gains to stabilize results.


Scale Up: After you have decided on the ads, then you need to scale up. You need to also prepare for Ad Fatigue. Fatigue happens when people have seen your ads over and again. Once you discover the ads that are working well,
you need to add more budget to help your ads reach more people. 

Even at the scale up stage where you have an ad that is working, the Facebook ads can still go back to the learning stage. You need to learn and be prepared for when this happens.

Are you an online marketer and would love to know how to set up laser targeted ads for your Facebook campaign? Will you like to know how to keep your ads ever green so you don’t have issues of making sales at one point
and then at another point, you don’t make even a sale on your ad budget?


I found a very interesting Facebook course by Mike Leo where he teaches and in-depth approach to Facebook ads. The training is broken down into 9 easy to understand modules, it’s so easy that even a Secondary school student can
implement and start making money.

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