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Regardless of where the economy is heading to; even if the Naira falls to N1,000 per Dollar, you don't get burnt with this recession proof business!

You can work whenever, wherever & however... The sweetest is that you get paid in Dollar and cash out in Naira (Means More Money!)

Today 23rd December, I exchanged Naira for Dollar at N495 so let's say you make just $200 this week, that's a whooping N99,000 right?

And you only need to just copy, paste, upload and watch the money roll in...


Yes we all hoped for CHANGE, most of US even voted the CHANGE...

But when the change we envisaged is CHANGING in a different dimension, wise people like us have to CHANGE the way we do things.

They say... as water shapes itself into the container that contains it, so a wise man should adapt to circumstances!


Buddy! Does Making Money Online Seem Like Rocket Science To You? If Yes, Then Let Me Help You Simplify The Process!


Never Again Will You Bother Your Head About What Services To Sell or how to sell them Because I Will Show You My SECRET Set and Forget Gig That Will Cause an Avalanche of Cash Flooding Your Account Day in Day Out.


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The Proofs Speak For Itself....














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From: The Desk of Ikenna Victor Agina


My Dearest Friend, 
I am not about to call myself the “FIVERR KING or PRINCE or QUEEN or ICHIE or PROF” or whatever title! 

I am just me; a light skinned, 5ft 10 inch tall standing guy who loves to play basket ball but found a loophole in the FIVERR SYSTEM; a simple and straight forward way to start making money instantly on the internet. 

I am not popular, but for credibility's sake you can find me on Facebook right here just so you know am real. Feel free to connect!

How's the economy treating you? I don't know what your financial situation is at the moment, but if you are presently confused on what to do make money online; you are not alone; quite frankly I can relate with that feeling!


Have you ever felt so bad about yourself because you couldn’t afford the good things of life?


1. Ever felt disappointed because you couldn’t fulfill the financial obligations of your family or help your friends in need of cash?

2. Dated a beautiful lady who ditched you because you couldn’t foot her bills anymore?

3. Expired house rent? Struggling to pay up?

4. Or generally, are you having money problems? Broke, unemployed, under-employed or just looking at making an extra income?

You see, 2 years ago I was like most internet newbies... maybe just like you. I knew a lot about Paid Surveys, Data Entry, CPA, Multi Level Marketing and all the internet businesses you can think of.

But the truth  is, it was difficult getting consistent and typical results with all these programs, I couldn't find  what would REALLY make me the kind of money I wanted whenever I wanted it.


I ran into a BIG financial mess. I had lost my job and was trying to set up a brick and mortar business to put things in perspective.

Things went real bad and I lost everything; I had nothing. I felt like I was starting life all over again.
I couldn’t afford the things I wanted anymore, I couldn’t help as many people as I used to, my girlfriend got tired of listening to stories of “everything is going to be alright” and the whole “I love you talks”, she practically stopped communicating…

I wouldn’t blame her anyway, she’s a woman and hey; ‘I love you’ is not going to pay for the GROCERIES at the grocery store neither can it foot the bills when you go shopping, can it?

That’s keeping it real. YOU NEED MONEY SHIKENA! I was running from pillar to post, I needed something that could get me cash real quick and wouldn’t require any financial obligation to start UP.


I Was Confused and Bothered Until I Figured It Out..... FIVERR!

I knew about this while working, made a few bucks but just didn't take it seriously. You know how work could be! 

Incase you don't know, FIVERR is a FREELANCE website that provides a meeting point for buyers and sellers of different services to meet, interact and perform transactions.


As a buyer, you get paid $5 for every service you render to the buyer. FIVERR in turn takes $1 but that's not all... Read On!

So if you are confused just liked I was, tired of all the hype, purchasing products upon products with no reasonable results and just not sure what to do in order to start milking the internet and making good money, then I got a solution for you.


I uncovered a strategy that would help you make $500 ( N247,500) or more in 4 weeks from now. With FIVERR, it doesn't get any easier. You can start making money starting from today if you do exactly what I say.

You make over 1000% Return On Your Investment!

I started getting typical results from the first day, I couldn't contain the feeling of excitement when I got my first 5 orders......I thought it was a fluke and then the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th day till today ...I am still getting gig orders. 

Are you are in  dire need of quick and consistent cash? If YES..

Your answer is not far away. 
Fiverr It Is!

In All Sincerity, You Can Make Hundreds of Dollars From This WebSite Without Doing Much Work!

"I know you are probably wondering, is working on FIVERR worth the stress?

You get paid a measly $5? Isn't that too small? ..... How could you make a reasonable income off of that?

Well, incase you don't know or didn't calculate well. It's a number's game! What does a 100 orders mean to you every 2 weeks? 

That's just being lenient! If you want to command money from the internet at will, "Fiverr is where you got to be".

If Only You Will Listen To Me, I Will Show You Exactly The CODED Gigs That Make Me Money Day in Day Out. And If You Wouldn't Listen, No Problem! You Can:

• Try to go to Fiverr yourself, set up a gig, expend all your energy and time trying to figure out what gig sells the most.

• Go ahead and purchase the next make money online eBook pitched to you that makes useless and big promises with zero results.

• Build hundreds of blogs and websites, struggle to rank them on the search engines and at the end get slapped when Google releases a new update.

• Go ahead promoting " get paid for referral programs", after having thousands of dollars then withdrawal of funds becomes a problem, what a waste!

Listen, I am genuinely interested in your progress, I want you to milk this cash cow the same way I am milking it without stress; I have done all the leg work for you!


I feel so sorry for those who send me series of emails claiming to have purchased one product or the other with their hard earned money and can't get any result for it. Enough is Enough!" 

What I am telling you today is .....

If You Need Quick Money From The Internet That Guarantees Over 1000% ROI And Little Effort....Then FIVERR is a Sure Recommend For You!


Still Doubting?



Listen To What These Gurus Are Saying!



Honestly speaking...
don't know what to say than to recommend Victor to anyone who want to learn the insider secrets of making $500 to $1000 per month on Fiverr.

When it comes to making money on Fiverr...i rarely recommend people.
But i am recommending Agina to you because he work the talk and he can lead you to Fiverr success.

Don't guess about if this Fiverr product will work for you or not. 
I will advice you to place your order now and learn from the best.

Olaide Alim - Fiverr Guru and the Best Freelancer of the Year.

Phone: 08092208629


I did receive a review copy, but I would have gladly paid for this. Ikenna has done it again with another turn key system that anyone can do and start making money with fiverr. You wont be disappointed. Really interesting idea that I have not seen anywhere else.
Thanks Ikenna!

- CEO and Founder WORLDLOADED.COM - 08028099291


Everything I learnt about internet business, I learnt from Ikenna. I knew about the FIVERR freelancing through him and I must confess, it's a great way to make some quick bucks.

Initially I started with article writing but it was tedious. This new strategy eliminates stress and waste of time. All you need do is create the gig, make sales and deliver in 3 minutes. I made 4 sales the same day I implemented this system. Thanks bro!

- Bright Okorie, Acquaculturist - 08033408153


For me, FIVERR is one great way to generate an almost immediate income. Part of my startup funds was generated from on FIVERR.

I reviewed this gig and believe me this is a " no brainer". It's simple, it's easy, it's fast and it will make you more money. I am writing out of excitement because this gig works for me and I am sure it will work for anyone who follows instructions. Bless Up

- Blaise Ugo Aboh, Orodata Science Nigeria ( - 08033416480


2 people ordered my gig 3 hours after setting it up and implementing everything I learnt from this course. As at the moment of writing, I have completed about 10 orders already and still counting.

You have been a blessing to me since I learnt about internet business. FIVERR is a cool way to make money I must confess. Thanks a lot Victor.

- Chris Olokor, Computer Engineer - 08035843664



Let Me Show You The Easiest Way To Make Money From Fiverr Without Selling The Same Known Services

Incase you are wondering. What kind of services would you offer? This has nothing to do with :


  • SoloAds

  • Backlinking

  • SEO

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Article Writing and the rest of them…

You Can Start Now and Have Your First Gig Up In Just 7 Minutes...... Start Profiting And Making Money Online Everyday By Delivering This Simple Gig... No More Stressing Yourself, Working 30 Minutes Over One Job of $5!

Introducing......FIVERR Unlocked!


1. In This Course You Will a PDF file and Videos That Shows You exactly What I do and How I Do It to Make Money on FIVERR.

2. How To Set Up a Profitable FIVERR Account That Will Get Clients Flocking Over Your Profile.

3. Regardless of Your Knowledge, I'll Reveal to You The Most *Lucrative* Way to *Slap Cash Out of Fiverr Whenever You Want!

4. How to Drive TRAFFIC To Your Gigs.

5. I Will Show You How to Get Repeat Sales Over and Again.

6. You Will Learn How To Get Your Clients To Give You a Positive Review Always

7. I Will Show You How To Handle Troublesome Clients Professionally.

8. Earn Instant Cash.

9. Show You How to Deliver Your Gigs to Your Clients in Just 3 Minutes.

10. How To Withdraw Your Earnings.

11. How to Make More Money With FIVERR, Your Customized Website and CHEAP Traffic Delivery Service.


Set Up a Gig and Get Your First Fiverr Sale *Starting Tonight*

I Need You to Think About This For a Moment. What Does an Extra $500 Every 30 Days Mean To You?

Think about it, I need you to create a mental picture in your head what it would feel like after setting up the gigs I show you in this guide, and you wake up tomorrow with 5 sales.

And all you have to do is deliver the gig which would take you less than 30 minutes to deliver.

"You could practically do this and still carry on your daily activities without disturbance"!

I give you a proven system that's easy to follow, newbie friendly, and actually gets you what you want:


FIVERR Unlocked!


But That's Not All, You Also Get My:



BONUS 1 ($50 Value)

Free Traffic Software

  • You Get a Free Traffic Software That Will Help  You Boost Your Gigs for More Sale.

  •  You Can Also Sell the Software or Create a Gig to Help Clients Get Traffic



BONUS 1 ($50 Value)

Facebook Auto-Poster Software

  • You Get a Free Software for Posting Your Gigs to Numerous Facebook Groups to Get More Sales

  •  You Can Also Sell the Software or Create a Gig to Help Clients Post to Groups



BONUS 1 ($50 Value)

How To Make Even More Money Outside FIVERR (Arbitrage).

  • Learn How to Flip Cheap $5 Gigs on FIVERR For $70 - $100

  • How To Get Clients To Sell Your Services To.



BONUS 2 ($200 Value)


My Archive of FIVERR Materials (Over 10 eBooks and Videos) $1000 Value.

  • You Will Get Access To My Materials; Over 50 Different Gigs That Will Help You Make More Money On FIVERR.



BONUS 3 ($50 Value)

How To Earn At Least $50 Per Article Both Online and Offline


. How to improve your skills and develop specialized knowledge in any topic and writing assignments using free online resources.

. Where to find tons of high-paying online and offline writing jobs.

. The greatest marketing mistake that a writer can make and learn how to avoid it.


BONUS 4 ($50 Value)

How To Get 1,100 Google Search Engine Visits To Your Website or Blog

Discover How You Can Get 1,100 Daily Visitors To Your Website or Blog.

It Doesn't Matter What Niche You Are In, This Works Perfectly.

All FREE Methods, Tricks and Techniques To Profit From The Google Search Engine Starting From Today.

This Secret Will Help You To Make Money From Your Blog or Website.


BONUS 5 ($50 Value)

Facebook Ads Menace - How To Drive Traffic To Your Website, Blog, Sales Page For Cheap With Facebook Ads

Build a Responsive Your List and Start Profiting from it.
Learn How To Send traffic Directly to Affiliate Products.

I Teach You How to Create Highly Responsive Profit Generating ads on Facebook That Will Get Amazing Click Through Rates and an Incredible ROI.


BONUS 6 ($50 Value)

500 Subscribers in 24 Hours

Discover the simple and effective list building strategy that will generate over 500 subscribers in 1 day.

You will learn:

3 guaranteed ways to set up high-converting squeeze pages that will force visitors to submit their emails.

Super easy and super cheap traffic method that will get you hundreds of subscribers in a few hours.
A simple way to monitor and track your conversion ratios on your squeeze page.

The key to split-testing that will skyrocket your opt-ins rates.


BONUS 7 ($100 Value)

3 Special Fiverr Gigs That Can Land You $500 Clients

As an added bonus, I will show you 3 other Fiverr gigs that can land you up to $500 clients in one day.


These newly discovered gigs will rev up your income and position you as an authority to make even more money.


Over $1,500 Value in FREEBIES Which Include 10 Videos and 40 eBooks All Yours For Keeps!

Ain't I Being Too Generous? Yea Right!


Now here is the deal. Every risk involved in this business is on me!. You don't even have to worry about risking your money.

When you purchase FIVERR UNLOCKED, you are backed by my 100% money back guarantee for 60 days.

Don't like it? That's cool! I'll refund you your money if this doesn't make you money in 30days... If you practice what I preach!

This is what I want you to do.

If you want to start profiting from FIVERR and raking $500 EVERY FOUR WEEKS, kindly follow the order instructions below, and in 24 hours you will get my Automated Fiverr Unlocked Course which includes a 15 Paged eBook, video courses and the above listed bonuses. 

You will learn the secrets to raking BIG cash from Fiverr, and my one on one coaching.


And For How Much?

For The Price Of A Plate of Cat Fish and Two Bottle of Big Stout ...





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To Place An Order Please Make Payment To:


Account Details

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Either by Bank Deposit, Bank Transfer or ATM Transfer:



Make Payment With Paypal:



Send payment to

Please note that payment with Paypal is $20

For Bank/Paypal Payment: After payment, kindly send an email to with the following information:

1. Subject Line: Payment for FIVERR Unlocked Course

2. Full names

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4. Phone number

Your FIVERR Unlocked course will be delivered to you via email in 24 hours after confirmation.

Support: You can call me on 08037193840